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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Sunroom Or Patio Enclosure?

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A sunroom is a delightful addition to many homes, but sunrooms have to be fixed and maintained frequently to keep them looking their best as comfortable spaces for homeowners. There are common problems associated with owning a sunroom, but routine and frequent maintenance can be enough to prolong the life of this beautiful space. Leaky joints, a leaky roof, and foggy windows are three of the most common problems associated with a sunroom.

Maintenance and Repairs

Routine maintenance will keep the sunroom in prime condition. It will also alert the homeowner early to potential problems or repairs that should be done immediately before they turn into larger issues.

Trim Branches

The branches outside of the sunroom should be trimmed and bushes should be carefully maintained. Storms can whip branches into the sunroom, shattering the windows, which would need to be replaced. The cost of this maintenance should be close to zero. It will cost a little extra time when landscaping to be sure the trees around the sunroom are done properly.

Clean Windows

The frames as well as the window glass should be cleaned frequently. Every few months, the homeowner should go outside and wash the outer part of the window. The joints and frames need to be free of grime.


Routine gutter cleaning is extremely important. The ladder should never lean against the gutters when cleaning because it could dent them. The doors and windows should be lubricated at this time too. If the gutter is in need of repair, a handyman or general contractor can help.

Window Seals

When weather seals start to fail, it's important to repair them immediately. Condensation can build between the double panes of glass when the seals have allowed moisture to creep into the space. It's easy to repair the seal with silicone purchased at a local hardware store. It will cost less than $10 for one tube of caulking.

If the seals have failed, the window will fog because of the condensation built up in between the panes. Those windows will have to be replaced. The company that installed the sunroom can replace the windowpane, or the homeowner can replace it themselves. A local glass shop can replace the glass for a few hundred dollars.


Decorating the sunroom with different paint colors will only cost the homeowner a few hundred dollars for the cost of paint and painting supplies. The cost depends on how many walls need to be painted. Many sunrooms have at least three walls of full glass.

Redo the Floor

Whether it's tile, a rug, or paint, changing the floor is the best way to give the room a completely new style. Vinyl or laminate floors are an affordable material with styles that can look stunning in the sunroom. They can be made to look exactly like stone tiles for a fraction of the price. They can cost between $2 to $7 per square foot. You can also install an area rug, which can be changed based on the season. Large rugs can cost as little as $99 at many outlet warehouses.


A sunroom basically cries out for plants, comfortable furnishings, and colorful pillows. Plants are relatively cheap. Most homeowners can pull different plants from inside the home, too. The plants should be able to withstand direct sunlight to thrive in the sunroom. Colorful pillows can cost between $30 and $50 depending on the design style and materials.

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Debra Jones More than 1 year ago
This did not answer my questions. I need reputable companies in my area that do patio enclosures. I have a screened in porch. I would like to turn the existing porch into a three season room.
Kathleen Postler More than 1 year ago
I'm looking to do the same thing. Have you found someone to do your porch?
bill bristor jr More than 1 year ago
ditto to debra but i want a four season room
victor arnold More than 1 year ago
I would like my screening replaced
Sammy Agahi More than 1 year ago
I need a reliable sunroom repair contractor. Pls advise.

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