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If you live in an older home, you might experience problems with your foundation. Over time, materials can break down and crack. As the foundation erodes, sections can dip and cause the house to become slanted or lower on one side.

To fix this problem, you can contact a house leveling service to rebuild sections of foundation and raise the house to its original level. This is a dangerous process because the entire house often needs to be lifted. However, letting your home’s foundation to erode can cause worse problems, such as structural weakness and collapse.

The process can involve several processes depending on if your home has a slab foundation or a crawl space foundation. Leveling services may choose to install pilings or piers, mudjack the concrete, or use a chemical substance to fill in gaps under the foundation.

No matter what method is required, leveling a home is not a DIY job. So if you think your home needs it or a structural engineer has identified a foundation sinking problem, enter your zip code and let HomeAdvisor connect you with house leveling companies near you.

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