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Updated March 2, 2017

Bamboo fence

Bamboo fence is one of the most up and coming, durable, and green fencing materials available to homeowners today. It comes in slats, rolls, and can be grown naturally, making it one of the most attractive, and environmentally friendly, fencing materials on the market.

Bamboo Fencing Styles

There are a number of bamboo fencing materials that allow you to achieve privacy, a beautiful fence, and the good conscience of using sustainable materials. Here’s a short list of the most common bamboo fence styles, so you can decide which is going to be the best fit for your fencing needs.

  • Live Bamboo Fencing is a great option if you live in a climate that’s warm year round. Bamboo grows at the rate of up to a foot a year, meaning you can have an effective, live fence in just a couple of years time. All you need to do is trim it annually to the desired height once it reaches maturity.
  • Bamboo Cane Fencing is a bamboo fence made from 3/8″ diameter poles woven together with galvanized wire. It’s wind resistant, won’t succumb to weather as quickly as other wood materials, and is harvested from renewable materials, to boot.
  • Rolled Bamboo Fencing is a variety of bamboo fence made out of 3/4″ bamboo poles, linked together and rolled up for easy shipping and delivery. Rolled bamboo fencing comes in heights up to 8′ tall, and can be installed onto wood posts, or over pre-existing fences, including chain link.
  • Bamboo Stick Fence utilizes 1/2″ bamboo slats instead of bamboo poles. It also usually comes in rolled up sections. The big difference between pole fence and slat fencing is weather resistance. You’ll want to treat your slat fencing with a weather sealer to prevent it from experiencing rotting and other weather damage.
  • Bamboo Twig Fence is made of small bamboo twigs interwoven and held together with galvanized steel wire. It resembles a thatch fence, is a little more open than other bamboo fencing, and won’t last quite as long. Still, if you’re searching for a tropical feel for your fencing needs, you find a better product than bamboo twig fence.
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Bamboo Fencing X-tras

While bamboo fencing is beautiful in and of itself, many homeowners also choose to dress it up some to make it look more permanent, and to help boost its structural integrity. Building a cedar frame, including posts, crossbars, and top rails, is an excellent way to support, and solidify your bamboo fencing, making it a more permanent fence solution. Of course, while wood frames provide a solid base for installation, it’s not necessary. One of the great benefits of bamboo fencing is that can be installed anywhere it has support. This makes a favorite of homeowners with ugly chain link, since a bamboo fence up to 8′ high can be installed on, and over, a chain link fence half the height.

Talk to a Fencing Professional

To find out the best variety of bamboo fencing for your needs, and to ensure you have it installed correctly, talk to a fencing contractor experienced in working with this wonderful green building material about what it will take to transform your landscape with attractive, and eco-friendly, bamboo fence.

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