Best of HomeAdvisor Award

Best of HomeAdvisor Award

Best of HomeAdvisor Award

HomeAdvisor proudly honors top service pros each spring.

Winners were among the highest rated service professionals in the HomeAdvisor network and had at least three reviews based on exceptional quality, service, and value.

HomeAdvisor has collected over 5 million ratings and reviews from actual homeowners that have used a service pro in our network. Ratings and Reviews are featured on a service pro’s HomeAdvisor profile page.

Award Criteria

Quality pro,
superior work practices
and best assistance

Consistently earns
verified ratings
& reviews

Maintained an
average rating of 4.0
or better

Absolutely zero
customer complaints*


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Best of HomeAdvisor winners were selected based on the following criteria: Active member for a minimum of 6 months, received a minimum of 3 homeowner reviews, maintained an average rating score of 4.0, and did not receive a homeowner complaint in the prior 6 months (measurement period was the six months prior to May of each year). Like all service professionalsin our network, winners were Screened and Approved upon initial enrollment in the HomeAdvisor network, per our Terms & Conditions, but have not been re-screened since their initial membership approval. HomeAdvisor reserves the right to revoke this award for any service professional that no longer meets these minimum eligibility requirements.

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