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Water saving irrigation system

8 Water-Saving Home Renovations

Garden Landscape by Conserva Irrigation of Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach, VA Water saving renovations are money saving renovations. Leaky pipes, outdated appliances, and poor irrigation practices hike up your water and energy bills and wreak havoc on your septic system. And, in drought-ridden states, water wasting can be subject to hefty fines and usage…

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Kitchen Appliances

Bosch Appliances and Dishwashers

The history of Bosch appliances extends all the way back to 1886 with the German engineer, Robert Bosch. At the turn of the century, they began to spread across the world with its first US subsidiary established in 1906. Naturally, the first Bosch appliances have little resemblance of their modern stock, but the name has…

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Built-In Microwave

Built-in Appliances Come with Built-in Conveniences

If you’re buying a new home, you’ve probably already chosen quite a few built-in appliances for the house plan. Often installed in the kitchen, these devices are part of the permanent construction and create a seamless appearance. This is their greatest asset: they become almost invisible, allowing you to focus on other design features in…

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Laundry Room - Washer and Dryer

Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers

Don’t look now, but there’s been a revolution of late in the world of washers and dryers. What used to be a fairly straightforward purchase has now become a decision fraught with an overwhelming array of options and the weight of environmental responsibility. Never fear! We’re here to set the record straight on washers and…

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Kitchen appliances

Checklist: Caring for Your Appliances

While appliances make our lives much easier, they also pose significant risks if not maintained properly. Appliance maintenance is an absolute necessity if you plan on getting the longest life possible from your purchases. Proper appliance care is also able, in certain cases, to keep performance up to par and ensure that your units are…

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Space Saving Dishwashers

Compact and Counter Top Dishwashers: Save Space with Style

In many older homes and many apartments or condos, there is simply no room for a standard sized dishwasher. In these scenarios, a compact or counter top dishwasher is often the best product to provide the same convenience while taking up a minimal amount of space. Compact Dishwashers For those on the go, buying a…

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Steam Assist Ovens

Professional chefs around the world have known for years that cooking with steam means moister, better tasting food and faster cooking times. In fact, steam assist ovens have been standard fare in the restaurant business for quite some time already. Lucky for homeowners, there are now a number of residential size models hitting the market…

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Stove Repairman

A good stove repairman is really only a phone call away in most areas. Just one search for “appliance repair,” and you’ll come across numerous potential suitors. Finding someone to do the work isn’t the hard part, however. The trick is finding someone you can trust to do the job right. Here are some easy…

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Open dishwasher

DIY Guide to Installing a Dishwasher

There are a variety of reasons you may be considering replacing an older dishwasher with a new model. It may be that wear and tear has made your current appliance less efficient than it once was.

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