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Laundry Room - Washer and Dryer

The Basics of Gas Appliances

Most of us today are used to the buzz and whirr of electric appliances. They’re safe, easy to use, and with a simple plug-in, they’re instantly ready to go. However, due to their convenience, there is also a cost down the road: they guzzle a lot of energy. Most people assume it’s no big deal…

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Outdoor electric grill

Electric Grills: Shockingly Convenient

Many people prefer the traditional flavor of gas grills, but electric grills are more convenient, more versatile, and often more cost-effective. The truth is that no grill is right for every household. If your home is powered by a coal-burning power plant, a gas grill is arguably more eco-friendly. The type of diet your household…

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Dishwasher Repair and Installation

Dishwashers can come into all sorts of trouble. Plumbing clogs are another huge problem…from an inadequate rinse cycle that soap scum on your dishes to a puddle of water at the bottom of the dishwasher. If your hot water heating isn’t running properly, you may not have sufficiently hot water to wash your dishes or…

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When to Call a Hot Water Dispenser Technician

Hot water dispensers, or dedicated boiling water taps, are handy tools for cooking, cleaning and other around-the-house activities. But, if you’re noticing one (or all) of the following problems, it’s time to call a technician. #1 Constant leaks Heat expansion is the most common cause of dispenser leaks. As your tank heats up, it releases…

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Kitchen appliances

Appliance Safety Tips

While major appliances make our lives much easier, they also pose significant risks if not maintained properly. Appliance safety is a matter of both keeping your appliances in good working order and using them as they were intended, as well. The average homeowner has several thousand dollars invested in major appliances; to protect your investment…

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When to Fix Your Fridge

Refrigerator Repair – When to Fix and When to Pitch

Whether your refrigerator/freezer is too warm, too cold, has a broken water filter, a broken ice machine, or if Rocky Mountain ice sculptures are forming inside your freezer, your headache most likely involves trying to figure out the relative cost and aggravation between hiring a fridge repairman and going out and buying a new refrigerator….

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Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances

Selecting Major Appliances

When updating a kitchen or laundry room, you’ll need to make important decisions about household appliances. In a typical kitchen, the appliances represent a total investment of $100 to $250 per piece. Today, consumers face a wide selection of appliance sizes, technologies, configurations and styles. Below are some factors that you should use to evaluate…

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Water Softening Systems Filter Out the Hassles

The term “hard water” refers to any water that retains larger amount of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals can cause many negative side-effects to your home because they can build up lime scale in your pipes and seriously reduce, or even block, proper water flow. The best way to remove these destructive…

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Laundry Room - Washer and Dryer

Dryer Vent 101

A dryer vent is much more important than most homeowners realize. A properly installed dryer vent, using the right materials, practically eliminates poor dryer performance, increased wear and tear on the appliance, and the very real fire hazards that go hand in hand with poor ventilation. For all these reasons, it’s important to know the…

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Types of Stackable Washers & Dryers

Types of Stackable Washers and Dryers

Maybe you have recently moved from the old apartment building to your first house or condo. Maybe the kids have flown the nest and you’ve found a place that’s just the right size. Or maybe you’re just thinking that it would be nice to get more space out of your laundry room. Whatever your reason,…

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