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Woman who appears to be sick and resting on her couch
Family playing soccer in backyard
Parents cuddling with little baby at home
Woman spraying flowers in the garden

Gardening Hacks to Protect and Nourish Your Plants

Updated October 2017 Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a beautiful lawn, spread across a few thousand square feet or a small one in your backyard or even a vertical garden (backlink to vertical garden article). But they all have a common enemy: pests and weeds. These can reduce your beautiful…

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home gym with basic equipment

Home Fitness: How to Choose Exercise Equipment and Where to Place It

Traditional Den by Arthur W. Mattes, Jr. Carpentry in Walnutport, PA Cost-effectiveness and ease of access make home gyms an appealing alternative to traditional gyms, but you want to make sure you’re equipped for a full-body workout. This article lays out the fundamentals of a full-body workout and will help you choose the right equipment…

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private home gym with equipment

How Much Does it Cost to Install or Assemble Fitness Equipment?

Updated September 2017 Fitness has become an indispensable part in most Americans’ lives. Many people prefer to engage in physical exercise in their own homes. It is important to dedicate a separate space in the home for sports and fitness activities. But it is equally important to understand the cost of installation of the equipment…

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Water saving irrigation system

8 Water-Saving Home Renovations

Garden Landscape by Conserva Irrigation of Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach, VA Water saving renovations are money saving renovations. Leaky pipes, outdated appliances, and poor irrigation practices hike up your water and energy bills and wreak havoc on your septic system. And, in drought-ridden states, water wasting can be subject to hefty fines and usage…

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Smiling home caregiver and senior woman walking together
Dad and daughter baking together in the kitchen.

Kitchen Safety: Cooking with Kids

When tackling food preparation chores in the home, safety is important to avoid cooking-related injuries or other hazards like kitchen fires. With a focus on safety and creativity, the whole family can enjoy spending time together while preparing healthy, delicious meals and snacks. Parents and children can spend enjoyable time together bonding as children learn…

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