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Teenager playing video games at home alone

Child Safety Guide: How to Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone

From a child home sick from school to a last-minute babysitter cancellation, no matter how organized and well-prepared you are, there will come a time when you have to trust one or more of your children to stay home on their own. Take the time to educate your children about home safety so they feel…

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Cute girl looking at model of house on table . Mixed media

Home Design-Inspired Activities for Kids

Home design is more than just color schemes and fabric swatches — it’s the blending of art and science, architecture and engineering, creativity and practicality. In other words, it is an incredible way to spark a child’s imagination while teaching them important skills like engineering, art and math. Designing a home, from planning square footage…

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Home survival emergency kit for evacuation

Emergency Preparedness Checklist For Your Home

Protecting loved ones from injury is the top priority when a disaster strikes. A major event such as a storm or a fire generally brings a high degree of confusion and chaos along with it. It’s also common for items to be in short supply in the wake of a disaster. Stores often close because…

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Disabled man writing on laptop
Small tottoiseshell butterflies on Butterfly bush

How to Build a Butterfly Garden in Your Backyard

Most people would rather have less, not more, flying insects in their yard. Butterflies, however, are often an exception to that rule. These winged creatures bring colorful beauty and charm to almost any backyard space, and they’re a sight that everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy. Fortunately, butterflies are simple to attract with the…

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Colorful fall tree palette Autumn in Washington DC.

Backyard Tree Identification Guide

Whether you want to teach your kids about natural wildlife or tell a landscaper or local tree removal pro what to expect – it’s helpful to know what kind of trees stand in your yard. This guide will help you identify your trees by climate and classification. When in doubt, you can always consult a local arborist for help….

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Home office edited image

Five Things To Know About Home Office Attitudes and Trends

December 13, 2016 Shift in Home Office Trends Home offices became increasingly popular during the 1990s and 2000s, but as of the last few years, some renovation pros are seeing a decline in the demand for home improvement services related to working from home. More and more people are working from home, so why the…

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Chalkboard with illustrated math problems

Home-Schooling Help: Math Games and Resources

Are you a home schooling parent struggling to keep your kids focused on math? Many kids would much rather be playing their favorite sport, talking with their friends, or playing a video game than learning their multiplication tables. These distractions are that much harder to avoid when they’re within reach. One of the ways you…

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Energy efficiency house

Conservation of Electricity at Home

Energy conservation is an important factor that people should be aware of. The natural resources that we use in our daily life such as water, electricity and gasoline are mostly supplied from limited resources. Fresh water supplies are diminishing with large demand from irrigation and electrical power plant cooling. US electricity is primarily sourced from…

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Pile of papers

Reduce Waste and Save Money at Home

The importance of caring for the environment seems to be in the news every day, and sometimes it is hard to know how to make a difference in the world on an individual level. However, there is good news; it is simple to start going green at home by taking a few small steps in…

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