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18 of the Best Homebases & Headquarters from Fiction

What are some of the coolest headquarters in fiction? After a day hard at work fighting crime, causing crime, going on adventures, or simply making a lot of money, these heroes and villains need a calm space to hang their hats and/or helmets. Check out some of the sweetest cribs of the fictional elite. Perhaps…

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Playground Germs

Playground Germs: How Dirty Are They?

Playgrounds are a terrific place for kids to get some exercise, have fun, and make new friends. But alarmingly, they can also be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria – some of which may have the potential to make your child sick. To see which types of germs tend to lurk on playground…

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Family tree

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

Former U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a pretty impressive family tree. By blood or marriage, he had ties to 11 other past presidents. While most people aren’t related (even by a shoestring) to a single world leader, tracing a family’s history is an exciting journey. Genealogy involves searching for the clues that link relatives…

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Potato energy experiment

Science Experiments for All Around Your Home

It’s natural to have a lot of questions about the world. As you wonder about these things and ask questions, you are learning. Curiosity about science helps you become an explorer finding out how things work and why things happen. Anyone can be a scientist, performing experiments to ask questions and get answers. You can…

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Stamp collection

Home Hobbies: Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting can appeal to people of all ages, from very young kids to grandparents. People who have a fascination with history might enjoy delving into the world of stamp collecting because stamps can provide many interesting glimpses into the past.

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Homesteading Basics

A Beginners Guide to Homesteading

With rising home prices and increasing concern about the environment, more people than ever before are turning to homesteading as a sustainable way of living. This lifestyle involves doing things as an individual, family, or community all on your own, without the help of many modern conveniences. People who practice homesteading typically live in more…

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A Guide to Homeschooling

For many reasons, varying from strict school zoning rules to religious beliefs, many parents choose to forgo enrolling their kids in the public school system and opt instead to turn their home into a classroom.

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Tips for Homeschooling Math

Teaching math involves instilling a love of numbers in youngsters. When kids learn that math is a fascinating subject that spills over into many different activities, they may adopt a more positive attitude about these concepts.

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