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vessel bathroom sink

Best Sink Styles, Designs & Brands

Sinks are essential of every home bathroom and kitchen. Aside from being functional, the best sinks also elevate your home. They complete your interior design with practicality and elegance. Our guide helps you find the top sink style to match your taste and the best sink brands that suit your needs. On This Page: Best…

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How To Fix Toilet Gurgling

Most of us take our functioning home plumbing systems for granted. But as soon as we’re faced with concerning noises coming from our toilet after flushing, it’s easy to panic. You might start worrying that your toilet’s long-lasting gurgling could be a nightmare for your wallet. The good news is, lingering toilet noises aren’t always…

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stainless steel sink in kitchen with backsplash

Best Stainless Steel Sink Styles & Brands

Stainless steel is a popular material for kitchen sinks. But did you know they’re also great for the laundry room and even your bathroom sinks? The best stainless steel sinks are ideal for home and commercial use. These durable essentials are available in trendy models and a variety of styles. This guide will help you…

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closeup of a height-adjustable shower head pouring water

How to Install a Removable, Handheld Shower Head

Removable, handheld shower heads will increase your shower’s comfort and efficiency. This quick guide will help you install a new head, whether it’s part of a quick replacement or a total bathroom overhaul. It’s important to note that this installation information is only for handheld heads. Using this guide for rain or fixed shower heads…

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newly remodeled shower

Bathroom Shower Remodeling Tips

Remodeling your bathroom shower can completely change the face of your bathroom. If you want to make sure the whole process goes off without a hitch, then this guide will help you keep things going smoothly. Bathroom Shower Remodeling Ideas It can be difficult to come up with new ideas for your bathroom shower on…

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Bathtub and shower in new luxury home

How to Build a Custom Tiled Shower Pan

Whether you’re a weekend warrior intent on doing it yourself, or researching your options before hiring a professional, one thing you need to know is this: At the heart of every gorgeously tiled shower is a sturdy shower pan. This custom-built pan provides the necessary base over which to lay tile. While prefabricated pans are…

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glass framed and fiberglass pan shower

How to Install a Fiberglass or Acrylic Shower Pan

When plumbing and tile work is involved, bathroom renovations like installing a new tub or shower can be quite labor intensive. But for homeowners who want a faster, easier alternative to custom tile, prefabricated showers are great. Although the installation process for pre-fab bases does not differ from tile, it is lighter, faster, and less…

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Head shower while running water

How to Install or Replace a New Shower Head

A new shower head will increase the enjoyment and efficiency of your shower. But installing or replacing a new shower head isn’t always easy. Use this guide to successfully swap out your old head. It’s important to note that this installation guide is only for fixed shower heads. Using this guide to install handheld, custom…

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Water saving irrigation system

8 Water-Saving Home Renovations

Garden Landscape by Conserva Irrigation of Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach, VA Water saving renovations are money saving renovations. Leaky pipes, outdated appliances, and poor irrigation practices hike up your water and energy bills and wreak havoc on your septic system. And, in drought-ridden states, water wasting can be subject to hefty fines and usage…

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Is There a Reason to Upgrade our Older Toilets?

The benefits of upgrading appliances, fixtures, and home components are hard to miss. Some of today’s more efficient products can save homeowners a bundle in energy expenses, and the environmentally conscious are doing a good job promoting the eco-friendly effects of these products, too. Kitchens are probably the most talked-about area of the home for…

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