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plastic above ground pool

Pool Sand Calculator

Above ground pools need a sand base to protect the liner and provide an even foundation. This sand base calculator helps you figure out how much sand you need to create this base. Use the pool volume and a standard depth of 2 inches to estimate the yards of sand needed for your project. With…

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Pool Salt Calculator

Keeping your pool at the ideal salt levels ensures a healthy swimming experience without harsh chemicals. This pool salt calculator lets you know how much salt your pool needs to reach optimal levels. Use your pool’s volume and an average salt level of 3,200 PPM to estimate the pounds of salt needed. With this information,…

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Lush Backyard Swimming Pool

Saltwater Pool vs. Chlorine

Left Photo: anucha sirivisansuwan / Moment / Getty Images Right Photo: Changyu Lu / Moment / Getty Images Although there are a few more details to cover in this guide, the two main differences between a saltwater pool versus a chlorine pool are cost and health. Traditional chlorine pools are the most common and least…

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Underwater brothers portrait in swimming pool.

Life Expectancy of a Pool Liner & Making it Last

On average, homeowners spend between $800-$3000 installing, repairing, and replacing their vinyl inground pool liner. How do you end up at the low-cost end of the spectrum? You can significantly lengthen (or shorten) the life of your pool liner with your pool play and cleaning habits. And, if you practice proper maintenance and upkeep, your…

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Safety life buoy in blue swimming pool

Pool Safety Guide for Homeowners

There is a type of pool for everyone, every space and every purpose. Thanks to advances in construction and more available materials, traditional in-ground pools can take on about any look. Whether you opt to DIY with an above-ground kit or hire a pool company to install an inground style, safety is key. Unfortunately, this…

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Indoor Lap Pool

Keep Fit with a Home Lap Pool

With health considerations being the talk of the nation, few exercise alternatives have gained as much attention as a lap pool. A lap pool is a small swimming pool that incorporates a constant resistant water flow to allow you to swim laps in place and stay in shape. Also known as an endless pool, these…

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Deck Hot Tub

Deck Ideas: Add a Hot Tub

Enhancing your exterior always adds value to your home. Whether it be gardens, patios, or porches, it’s never a bad idea to invest some money in your backyard. However, the one snag that comes with landscape investment is the fact that it’s a seasonal asset: you only get to enjoy the great outdoors during the…

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Swimming Pool At Night

Swimming Pools

If you long to take a dip at your convenience, and you have room to install one, building a swimming pool can provide hours of relaxation and fun. But before you begin, you need to assess your wants and needs. Indoor swimming pools will either require construction of an addition to your home or an…

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Opened Pool

Money, Geography Determine when to Open and Buy A Pool

Logistically, you can open your pool as soon as you’re sure the temperature won’t hit freezing and cause your water to freeze. Of course, few homeowners need their pools open this early, but wait too long and you’re likely to miss out on that first sterling, 85-degree spring day. If you have a basic pool…

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