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Arbor vs. Pergola

Javani LLC / Crafting an outdoor area can be an ongoing project, and there are several ways to spruce it up, such as building an arbor or pergola. Although people sometimes think of these structures as indistinguishable, there are some key differences. While arbors often serve as decorative doorways, pergolas are a great way…

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Kids Playing Ice Hockey on a DIY Backyard Rink
A woman and her horse in a barn
Boat Dock

Boat Dock Basics

When the summer sun heats things up, it’s time to find temporary relief. But when you get tired of the pool and the kid’s are bored by the sprinkler, it’s time to hit the local lake. And after sitting on a fish-infested shore or a rocky beach, it may be time to buy a boat….

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Adding a Gazebo to Your Yard

There are a variety of reasons you may want to add a gazebo to your backyard. They are often used as a kind of covered patio area that allows you to enjoy the natural setting of your yard away from your house. If you have a gardening interest, a gazebo can act as a permanent…

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Storm shelter

Storm Shelters Give Respite from The Storm

Safe Rooms are underground structures built to provide a safe haven from severe weather conditions. These shelters, along with reinforced, above ground safe rooms, are often the difference between life and death in the event of a tornado or severe tropical storm. This fact alone makes this a home improvement addition well worth the money…

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Storage shed

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Has your garage become overrun with lawn and garden equipment? An outdoor storage shed might provide the extra space you need. But before you run out to the home improvement store, here are some things you might consider. To Build a Shed? Be sure to check any building codes or zoning laws in your area….

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Carriage house

The Carriage House: Garage and Guest Quarters Rolled into One

Before automobiles were popular and garages became standard fare in American homes, there was the carriage house. Historically it was a structure set off from the main home on wealthier estates that included a place to park the family carriage and a stable to house the horses in. With the rise in popularity of automobiles,…

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Greenhouse flower

Small Wonder: Portable and Mini Greenhouses

Many gardeners feel the subtle pings of disappointment when winter comes around. They put away shovel and spade and wait, as patiently as possible, for the ground to thaw. There are a hardy few, however, that manage to maintain at least a small garden all year round in their greenhouses. A greenhouse will certainly allow…

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Colonial outbuilding

Expand your Land with Outbuilding Plans

Additions to the home are a great way to increase its financial value, square footage, and overall potential. However, it’s sometimes not possible to add a room directly to the home due to foundation dilemmas, property line limitations, or other obstructions in your preexisting construction. But if you still want to add space to your…

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