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Updated August 30, 2021

Sealing a driveway

How Often Should You Seal Asphalt Driveways?

If you look around the web you will find differing opinions on this matter. Some say that you only need to seal your asphalt drive every 3-10 years. Others, every year. The real difficulty in determining what’s right for you is weather. If you are in an area where you receive a great deal of rain and snow, or in an area where it freezes and thaws often, or in an area where the temperature reaches well over 100 degrees in the summer and your driveway is unprotected from the brutal rays of the sun, then you need to seal your driveway at least every other year. If you have some moderate weather, then maybe every three years.

Let your vision be your guide. If your driveway is cracking or chipping before it is time for a new coat, then it would be a good idea to get quotes from a few asphalt repair companies.

*Note. Do not seal a new asphalt driveway. This material needs to cure for 6 months before treatment is applied.

How Often Should You Seal Concrete Driveways?

Concrete driveways are more durable (and more prevalent) than asphalt driveways, so they don’t need to be sealed as often. Even in the harshest of conditions, our contractors tell us that every five years is the right amount, and even longer in moderate climates. However, just as with asphalt, let your vision be your guide. If you notice cracking, even very slight cracking, contact a driveway contractor who will be able to tell you if you are in immediate need of sealing or if the problem is a deeper issue.

Typical Costs

Asphalt driveway sealing costs are going to be different all across the country because of the demand. In New Mexico, the average driveway sealing cost may be higher because the weather conditions don’t demand that it to be done that often. In Upstate New York or northern Minnesota driveway sealing costs are likely to be lower because this needs to be done every year to some asphalt driveways. While we can’t really pin down your exact price, here are some general estimates that should help get you in the ballpark on the cost of driveway sealing.

First, if you don’t already know the square footage of your driveway, measure it to find out. Most contractors are going to figure the job by the driveway size. Now that you have the square footage, here are some figures. In the east, the average cost for driveway sealing is typically between $.10-$.16 per square foot. So for a 1000 sq. ft. driveway it will cost between $100-$160. In the upper-midwest, many driveway contractors charge per 1000 sq. ft., typically between $85-$100 per 1000 sq. ft. with a minimum charge of $100. Lucky is the homeowner with the 1,990 square foot driveway.

Keeping the Driveway Clean

Final Word

Most of the cost of sealing driveways is tied up in prep work. If your driveway is particularly dirty or covered in oil slicks, then it takes more effort and thus costs more to treat. The application is pretty standard. However, the pricing listed above will help you to figure out the range of what this task should cost. If you talk to a driveway contractor who is way over these amounts, get a few more estimates to see if that is the standard charge in your area.

Remember that proper maintenance saves money in the long run. You spend a little now to extend the life of your driveway. New driveways are way more expensive than multiple regular treatments. Sealing your drive just makes money sense.

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  1. Ann collard, May 5:

    We need a driveway seal coated in zipcode 02481
    Thank you
    Ann collard

  2. emily bennette, May 9:

    I like what you said about how the cost of sealing will vary because of the weather. I didn’t realise that warmer weather can be a thing that destroys a seal. It seems like it would be smart to talk to a paving contractor about what you should do.

  3. April Cook, May 19:

    I didn’t realize that I would need to have my driveway sealed so often. We live in an area that sees extreme temperatures,and I didn’t know it was damaging the asphalt so much. If I have a bitumen driveway will it need the same kind of maintenance? Thanks for your helpful information!

  4. Wayne Tisdale, July 27:

    Does my new asphalt drive need to be sealed

  5. FENNEY, October 30:

    would like to get my cement driveway sealed

  6. Andrew, November 19:

    I was told by 1 contractor that it would cost $534.00 to sealcoat my driveway with a oil base is this way out of line I have 1328sq ft.

  7. Me mine, June 27:

    10$ per sq ft at 1000 as feet would be 10000$.

    I think they meant to say 10$ per 100sq feet.

  8. Adrianne F Smith, July 12:

    I’m writing this review to help someone else.
    In August 2017, I hired a contractor advertised in a local mailing to place concrete pavers on my driveway. I was told by the contractor they needed to be sealed in 6 months. At ten months, because I trusted his word-I contacted him to complete the job, he subcontracted out and the person was not experienced in sealing-now the driveway will take 2-3 years to wear off this sealant…I was strung along and not told the truth regarding the horrible job-streaks and spotting have occurred. The efforts of the subcontractor were in vain. The original contractor accepted NO responsibility. I trusted him, but that didn’t matter.
    I’m The job cost $450, over and above the $3,000 for the pavers. Stripper costs over $300 and I am not sure of using it personally. I’m heartbroken

  9. Noah Clark, August 4:

    When can you drive after seal coating your driveway?

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