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If you’re building a new home or beginning a remodel, it’s important to hire a competent and trustworthy architect. Here are six questions that will help you find the best candidate for the job.

  1. What’s your experience? Your architect should be both licensed and experienced with projects similar in size and scope to yours.
  2. Do you foresee any challenges? Every large project comes with its own unique set of hurdles. Ask your architect about the obstacles your job presents and ask how he or she plans to overcome them.
  3. What’s your schedule? Larger projects will demand your architect’s constant attention. Be wary of architects who seem too busy to give your job the consideration it deserves.
  4. How will I be billed? Discuss your payments before you hire your architect. Billing varies by architect and firm. The most common billing methods include hourly, per-square foot, combination fees and construction percentages.
  5. How much will this project cost? Don’t expect a detailed price list if you haven’t officially hired an architect. Fortunately, most firms will offer estimates during the interview phase. Use price assessments to find a firm that will create a design you’ll love within your budget.
  6. Will I see visualizations during the project? If you’re not an architect, explaining your vision can be tough. Ask your architect if they will provide mockups — digital or hand drawn — during your project.
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