Structural engineer

Certain projects call for the expertise of an engineer. Here’s a quick look at when and why you may want to call an engineer for help with your home project:

When you should call an engineer:

  • Additions. An addition will affect the structural integrity of the rest of your home. Have an engineer review your plans to ensure that your new addition is up to code — and that it’s compatible with the original structure.
  • Layout changes. Knocking down walls can impact the strength of your home’s framing. Have an engineer inspect your home before you remove a wall. Taking out a load-bearing wall without the proper support in place can result in serious damage to your home.
  • Structural problems. Most structural problems come from foundationional issues. If you notice leaning, cracked or bowing walls, call an engineer to inspect your foundation. Your engineer will diagnose the problem and offer a suitable solution.
  • New buildings. Always include an engineer in the planning of your new home. Your engineer will ensure that every aspect of your build is structurally sound up to code.

Why hire an engineer:

  • Safety. An engineer will ensure that your project is well built and long lasting. Most structural engineers also review geological data to minimize environmental threats to your home, like leaking foundations and wind damage. Have an engineer proof your plans to ensure that your project is problem free.
  • Cost. Have an engineer check your plans to ensure you’re not overlooking any key aspects in your construction. Jumping into a project without the expertise of an engineer can result in rebuilds, fines, and dangerous structural problems. An engineer will make sure that your project is up to code and properly licensed, and provide you with the necessary reports needed for construction. Check our True Cost Guide for average engineer report costs.

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  1. Anna Mazurek, May 31:

    Our floors are sagging on our main level. We do have water issues as well. A crack in the foundation. We are looking to do some remodeling and a friend who is an interior designer said we needed to get our foundation and flooring issues settled first.

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