A well maintained hot tub is a wonderful addition to any home. It’s a great place to unwind and relax, and it’s great for entertaining, too. When a hot tub stops functioning properly, however, it can be a huge hassle. Though hot tub repair is generally not something a homeowner does his or herself, it’s a good idea to be familiar with what can go wrong, what it takes to fix, and of course, how it can be prevented.

Common Hot Tub Issues

The most common types of hot tub repair deal with one of three issues: electrical, leaking, and mechanical function.

The breaker flipping off when the tub is turned on is the most common electrical problem. This is less of a hot tub issue than it is a wiring issue. An electrician, rather than a hot tub repair person, will most likely need to be brought in to fix it.

Leaking is a big problem in older tubs especially. Depending on where the unit is located, a leaking hot tub can cause serious damage in addition to just being a pain. If you suspect that your hot tub is leaking, you should contact a repair person before problems occur in the structures underneath the tub.

Mechanical issues, such as poor water temperature or weak jets, are what most hot tub repair is concerned with. Though these problems probably won’t cause permanent damage to anything, they certainly make the experience of using your hot tub much less pleasurable.

Popular Hot Tub Repairs

Leaking tubs can be fixed, much like a swimming pool, with a patch, as long as you know where the leak is. This can actually be done by the homeowner without having to hire a professional. Patch kits are available specifically for this purpose and will generally come complete with everything you’ll need to do the job.

If there is more than one leak, unless there was one specific incident that is to blame (a car drove into it, etc.), you can probably assume that you need a new liner. Replacing the liner is a very common hot tub repair. In fact, sometimes it is done not to fix a leak but just to make the unit look new again.

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Mechanical issues are best left to a professional. Sure, you can assume that low water temperature has something to do with a faulty heater, but a hot tub repair person will be able to tell you if the whole thing needs to be replaced or if it just needs a new part. Also, he or she will often know if the problem was caused by an outside condition.

Since jacuzzi hot tub prices are significant, keeping the tub properly maintained should be a priority. Check the sanitizer and pH levels multiple times a week. Shock treatment and a foam controlling agent should be used three or four times a month and, once a month, make sure to clean the filter cartridge. The tub should also be drained and refilled periodically. Following a good maintenance schedule will keep your hot tub appealing, safe, and can also stop many problems before they start.

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