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Updated March 2, 2017

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Working with bathroom contractors is one of the most integral parts of getting the most for your remodeling dollar. Though the bathroom renovation process is not solely based on how well you deal with your contractor, the relationship between you and the company you hire is a significant one, and the better it is, the more smoothly the project is likely to go. Since most remodeled bathroom projects are likely to require a crew to set up shop for at least a week or two, it is definitely in your best interests to make that time as comfortable as it is productive. Here are a few things to remember when dealing with bathroom contractors, as well as a bit of helpful advice on how to save yourself time, hassle, and even a little money during bathroom remodeling projects.

The Bathroom Renovation Process: Durations and Complexities

The amount of time your crew will spend in your home is, of course, directly related to how involved your bathroom remodeling project is. Smaller projects that focus on surface improvements like installing new counters, replacing faucets, and re-grouting tile are often finished lightning fast; when bathroom remodeling projects are focused on expanding and altering the existing space and actually moving toilets, sinks, and bathtubs from one location to another, the duration and difficulty of the task increases significantly.

If you are on a budget or you simply don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of a long and complicated remodel, discuss this with your contractor from the very beginning. Often, a few key surface improvements can leave you with a bathroom that looks and feels completely different without the hassle of a long, expensive project. However, if you want to update function as well as improve form, the bathroom renovation process is probably going to take a while.

Advice for Involved Bathroom Remodeling Projects

One of the easiest and most effective paths to successful bathroom remodeling project is common courtesy and frequent communication. Because more involved bathroom remodeling projects are often weeks or even months in duration, you’ll want to make sure that both courtesy and communication are present right from the beginning. On the first day, introduce yourself to the onsite project leader, and make it a point to lay out any ground rules you have for your home. If you don’t allow smoking on your property, make it known now; if you have set aside a designated area for your crew to park, let them know the first day. Discuss what time of day you would prefer crew members to show up as well as what time you would like the work day to end, and set up a meeting time where you and the crew leader can discuss the day’s progress, as well as any obstacles, setbacks, or requests either party might need to voice.

On the first day, you should also make an effort to let your crew know that you are willing to give respect as well as receive it. Let them know where items they will need throughout the day are located, like cold water, disposable cups, electrical outlets, and alternate bathroom facilities (if available). You may also want to point out good spots on your property to set up for lunch and/or the location of any local restaurants and convenience stores. If you are helpful and courteous, any good contractor will return the favor!

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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Projects Are Mutually Rewarding

There are plenty of homeowners who really go the extra mile throughout the entire bathroom renovation process. Is it necessary to provide coffee on cold days or pizza once a week? Certainly not. However, when you recognize the job your crew does by giving compliments or the occasional cup of coffee, they are likely to be more focused on keeping you happy. While this doesn’t always lead to faster service, more impressive results, or a lower total cost, you’d be surprised at how a little effort on your end affects the project as a whole. Many homeowners have found that periodically treating their crew to a free lunch or giving compliments when you see good work leads not only to a happier, smoother project, but often gets returned ten-fold by a crew that is eager to please and willing to go the extra mile!

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