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by Marcus Pickett

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In Phoenix, drywall installation is most common as part of a larger home remodel. Kitchens and bathrooms, in particular, tend to need new drywall when cabinets, counters, appliances, and fixtures are redesigned or replaced. Most homeowners choose to hire a general contractor for these major home remodels, but some attempt to hire and manage subcontractors, one of whom is likely to be a drywall contractor. Either way, you should have access to the person installing your new drywall. To this end, cleanliness during installation and the look of the final result are typically the biggest concerns for homeowners.

DIY and Professional Drywall Installation
Drywall is, essentially, a layer of gypsum board sandwiched by paper facing. It has largely replaced plaster walls by virtue of being substantially easier to install and more versatile. The basic method of installation is not hard to learn, but it is difficult to perfect. Panels of drywall are installed with taping joints holding everything together. You can also create a waterproof drywall, called "green board," for bathrooms and other wet areas. Know, however, that for any type of drywall, if you're not careful, you'll have a thin layer of dust covering your entire home as particles get airborne and settle.

This deceptively simple process, unfortunately, lures many homeowners into believing they can install their own drywall, only to quickly make a disaster of things. Here's what one Phoenix homeowner said after recently finishing a drywall installation: "We would decide to have a professional do the whole job, instead of trying to do it ourselves." We hear this sentiment in virtually every city across America. Don't take this project on lightly or without experience specific to drywall installation: Repairing a six-inch hole in your drywall doesn't count, either!

Drywall Finishing in Phoenix, AZ
An experienced professional will also be able to give you several options with the final look of your drywall. Your walls can have a smooth texture generally best for wallpaper and most painting projects, or they can be textured providing depth and visual appeal to your walls. Smoother textures are more popular, but they're also more difficult to produce, although consistent finishing is a feat in its own right. Textured drywall can be light, medium, or heavy depending on the finishing method and your preference. You can even have a drywall contractor mix paint into the drywall for simultaneously colored and textured walls, or other highly-skilled and specialized finishes.

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Cost of Phoenix Drywall Installation
Whether you need drywall installation for a home remodel, to replace an old, damaged wall, or for new home construction, the size of the job and the complexity of the look will determine how much your project will cost. The average cost of drywall installation in Phoenix, AZ is about $1,400, although we've recently seen projects as low as $400 and as high as $2,500. To install drywall for an entire home, you can easily pay $5,000 or more for this type of project.

Drywall Contractors in Phoenix, AZ
Regardless of the nature of your drywall project, you'll need to find a reliable contractor to ensure that your home won't become a disaster-area, you won't be overpaying, and you'll end up with durable and beautiful walls. To this end, you should get at least three estimates, and you should be wary of estimates that are substantially higher or lower than the competition. HomeAdvisor makes the final hiring decision even easier by providing homeowners with online, quality-controlled customer ratings and reviews. To enter and remain in our database, our contractors must first pass a rigorous 10-step screening process that eliminates the less reliable industry professionals.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.