St. Louis Drywall Installation

by Jon Nunan

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For nearly every major remodeling project in St. Louis, drywall installation is likely to show up at least once or twice. Versatile, durable, and relatively inexpensive, drywall is the most popular material for building interior walls all across the country for good reason. If you are thinking about a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even bathroom remodel, your drywall installation can make a big difference in how the finished product looks, and even how it performs! While some handy homeowners might opt to do some or all of their own drywall installation, it is important to understand what you're getting into before you begin the project. Certainly, there are savings to be had by doing your own drywall instead of hiring a professional, but the challenging nature of this project often surprises do-it-yourselfers that have never done it before.

Hiring a Professional for St. Louis Drywall Installation
An experienced professional can make even difficult work seem easy, and few tasks illustrate this like drywall installation. St. Louis homeowners who have read books or watched videos that make installing drywall look easy may not know just how much practice this job takes to do well and efficiently. Professional drywall installers have learned through trial and error what makes a job go smoothly, and to watch one work can really be deceptive. As many homeowners have found out the hard way, creating an interior wall surface that is both functional and attractive can be extremely difficult (especially if you want it done quickly).

Professional St. Louis drywall installation companies have a few major advantages when compared to most DIYs. In many cases, the number of hands on a professional job is much higher than the amount of people working on DIY projects. This certainly means that the work can be done faster, but it also means that a professional crew will be able to take the time to make sure that everything is done properly. Many homeowners who hang their own drywall end up cutting corners, which results in a less than professional looking finished product. On the other hand, the pros do this job every day and are well aware of the problems that a few false moves in preparation, installation, or finishing can result in. The bottom line is this: when you hire a pro, you are getting the best in equipment, technique, and experience. Often, these are the things that separate a great drywall job from a disappointing one.

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Professional Drywall Finishing in St. Louis
It is true that some aspects of drywall installation are easier than others. Hanging the drywall, for example, allows a little more leeway for mistakes than drywall finishing. St. Louis homeowners who really need to save a buck and are willing to get their hands dirty (but don't want shabby looking results) might consider hanging their own drywall and leaving the finishing to the professionals. Handy homeowners who have done the job before successfully understand well the difficulty of drywall finishing, and many of the most experienced still prefer to leave the final step in the process to a professional crew!

St. Louis Drywall Installation Costs
Before you decide to do all or part of this job yourself, it is a good idea to take a look at just how much you'll save. St. Louis Drywall finishing is a labor intensive process, but a good crew can often do finishing very quickly; this means that if you do your own drywall hanging, the labor costs of hiring a crew for finishing could be very reasonable. To have a crew do the entire project from start to finish might seem a little costly (according to our numbers, the average cost of professional St. Louis drywall installation is about $2,250), but when you ad up the cost of purchasing the materials, transporting them, and enhancing your tool collection, it may turn out that the difference between hiring a pro and doing it yourself is less significant than you thought!

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.