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How Much Does it Cost to Test For Mold & Toxic Material?

Test For Mold & Toxic Material Costs
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Where there is a constant source of moisture, mold can take over and grow quickly. Some molds are airborne which is extremely bad for your health, since it can get into your lungs. If you even suspect the presence of mold in your home, it is important you get a professional to assess whether it can be easily removed. The longer you wait to remove mold from your home, the worse it can get. If you wait too long it can be impossible to remove all the mold.

Consultation & Testing

If you suspect the presence of mold but aren't sure or know you have mold but don't know what kind or how much, you should immediately call a professional to consult your situation and the best approach to removal. These professionals, also known as certified Industrial Hygienists (IH), will charge an average of $300 to $500 to test your property and home for mold levels. That costs should factor into your total calculated costs, as added in above, for the mold remediation of your home.

Amount of mold

If you ignore the mold problem in your home it will grow. The more mold there is, the more costly the removal, so address your mold problem as soon as you suspect you have one. You can usually tell you have mold by the smell, which is musty like dirty socks.

Locating mold

The location of the mold and how accessible it is will affect the time for removal, in addition to how much there is. If your mold is inside walls, up in enclosed attic spaces, or under your home in hard to reach crawl spaces, it will be more difficult to remove and will take a pro longer.

Types of mold

There are a number of different types of mold, and each one needs to be removed in a specific way. The most common types of indoor mold are cladosporium, aspergillus, penicillium, ulocladium, acremonium, stachybotrys, and alternaria. Of the six, aspergillus, acremonium and stachybotrys are the most dangerous and should be removed immediately. The other three are most susceptible to people with allergic reactions and should be removed as well.

What are the underlying reasons for the mold?

Since mold grows in damp environments, it is important to fix leaking pipes, cracked foundations that allow water into your basement, or another reason that moisture is coming into your home and staying there. Sometimes the most costly part of a mold removal is not the removal of the mold but the repairing of the underlying issues.


Once the mold is located and identified, the professional will determine the best method for remediation and prevention. Depending on the extent of the damage and the location, the home could require anything from a deep cleaning to an overhaul that could take days to remove and prevent mold from entering the home again. This will vary the total costs from several hundred to several thousand dollars.


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