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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Humidifier?

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Like all appliances, sometimes humidifiers do not function properly and require troubleshooting and repairs. Depending on your unit type - your cost will be different.

Tabletop & Console Humidifiers

Tabletop and console humidifiers are controlled by a humidistat that turns the unit off and on when the humidity levels stray from a set range. If you don't believe your humidifier is maintaining the proper humidity for your room or house, check its humidistat. Though a humidistat allows for more or less "automatic" operation, you will need to dial it up and down as the temperature changes in order to maintain fairly constant indoor relative humidity levels. Keep in mind that higher humidity levels in cold air will make the air feel colder. If you have a humidifier and your house feels cold in the winter, even when your heating system is working correctly, then your humidistat may be set improperly or may be working incorrectly. Tabletop humidifiers are less expensive to repair because you can physically take them to the shop - you won't need to pay for someone to visit your home to repair them. Also, check with your professional - it may be cheaper to replace the unit that it will be to fix it.

Mounted Humidifier Leaks

The water supply attached to your residential humidifier provides the moisture that's necessary to adequately humidify your home. The water supply may be turned on by the humidifier to fill a reservoir tank--or it may continuously flow over a filter medium whenever the furnace blower is on. If the humidifier has a reservoir, when the water collects to a certain depth in the holding tank/tray, a mechanical float ball rises to the surface of the water, shutting off the water supply. If the float mechanism sticks or is otherwise defective, the water may not shut off properly--so the tank/tray overfills and spills out onto your floor. In this case, your professional may need to replace the entire float mechanism. Your professional could be successful with cleaning it or replacing one or two components, but the cost of a new float is comparable to the cost of some of its individual components. If your humidifier flows water continuously while the furnace blower is running, let your professional know and they will check all hose and/or tubing connections to be sure that everything is tight and make sure the water drain line/tube is unobstructed and unclogged.

Not Running

If your humidifier does nothing at all, the humidistat may be set too low or too high. Before calling a professional, try turning the humidistat to a setting calling for greater humidity, then turn your furnace up 5 degrees higher than the current room temperature. When the furnace blower turns on, the humidifier should function. If it doesn't, you may have lost power to the unit, or one of the electrical components may have failed--the valve, motor, or step-down transformer. Contact a qualified heating and cooling contractor to diagnose and fix the problem.


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