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How Much Does it Cost to Refinish Furniture?

Refinish Furniture Costs
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It's common to develop some wear and tear on your furniture over the years. Scratches, dents and dings are all par for the course, and can usually be fixed pretty easily. But it might seem like a complicated process to do this kind of repair. The first step is to talk to a reputable professional who can help you determine what the cost to refinish furniture will be for your home. Once you find a professional, there will be a couple of factors that affect the cost to refinish furniture.


If your furniture needs a lot of help, then it will likely need to be refinished. This means stripping and sanding down the wood and then sealing it again. The cost to refinish furniture is higher if a full refinish is necessary. Refurbishing furniture takes a more gentle approach for smaller issues. This includes thoroughly cleaning the piece to remove build-up dirt and wax, and then doing a light sanding and touch-up on stain or paint. This is more affordable than refinishing, but it only applicable to furniture with light wear and tear.

Extent of damage

Refinishing usually begins by performing any necessary repairs like replacing broken or cracked pieces, fixing peeling veneer or paint, gluing loose parts back on or removing stains. The more damage your furniture has, the higher the cost to refinish furniture will be.


Larger pieces of furniture will have a higher cost to refinish furniture than small pieces. This means that it will take longer to refinish, and that it will also require more materials to complete the job.


Once your furniture is sanded and repaired, then you might be opting to completely change the finish to match a new design. The look and feel of furniture can be drastically changed by bleaching, repainting or staining.


If your furniture is antique, then more care will need to be taken with refinishing. Sometimes this requires an expertise with antiques and special equipment to handle the project. You might want to have an appraiser look at your piece before refinishing so you don't overdo it. By over refinishing an antique, it might take away from the antique looks as well as the value. Due to the delicate nature of the job, the cost to refinish furniture that is antique tends to be higher.


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Jesse Martinez 18 days ago
It's all good an ever yu thing is loose
Jesse Martinez 18 days ago
I'm wanting to know how much do I charge for a bench
Susan Zanzig 23 days ago
My couches are not antiques, they are fabric reclining couches that I would like to have recovered and reflected.
Susan Horwich 6 months ago
My difficulty is in finding someone who can pick up the furniture to do the work. My husband and I are both disabled and would need these transported to avoid any damage. Others are already committed and one told me he'd been working on the same piece for two years. I said I was reasonable but I'd like to see the furniture in my home in my lifetime. The third I spoke to wouldn't even give me a ball park estimate without detailed pictures.
INCLAIRE Saunders 8 months ago
I was getting desperate now I have information and a listof nmes for my project. Thank you.
Kirsten Green 9 months ago
THANK YOU. I got a quote from a man in Dallas who said he was offering me a great deal at $1,400. I can't believe the average price is between $400-$800. Without this website I would have been severely ripped off.
cassandra thomas 10 months ago
this page was very helpful, instead of refinishing, my project should be refurbished. thank you
linda richardson 10 months ago
i would prefer a price that is average.