How Much Does it Cost to Refinish a Deck?

Typical Range:

$600 - $1,360

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Updated August 19, 2021

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Deck Refinishing Cost

On average, the cost to refinish a deck is between $3 and $6.80 per square foot. Since a standard deck measures about 200 square feet, a refinishing project will cost about $600 to $1,360 or $975 on average.

Average Cost to Refinish a Deck

Average Cost$975
High Cost$1,360
Low Cost$600

Deck Resurfacing Cost

Deck resurfacing costs $900 on average for the entire deck or $4.50 per square foot. This includes the costs of sanding down the top layer and the cost of repainting or staining the wood.

Oil-based water-repellent stains tend to be the longest lasting and soak thoroughly into wood for a deep, even stain. If you want the original wood grain to shine through, choose a semitransparent stain.

Deck Restoration Cost

Deck restoration costs around $1,080. Most homeowners spend between $980 and $1,180. The total deck repair costs depend on the size of the deck, as well as the amount of work and materials needed to restore the deck.

Deck restoration includes an inspection for mold or rot, warped areas on the deck and termites. It also includes the costs to sand and stain the deck.

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Cost to Sand a Deck

The cost to sand a deck is $280 on average. Most homeowners spend between $210 and $350 for a 200-square foot deck, which takes about seven hours to sand.

If you choose to sand your deck yourself, you’ll need to purchase an orbital sander, which costs $75 on average.

Deck Refinishing Cost Factors

Deck refinishing cost factors influence your final price. They include:

  • Size: The larger the coverage area, the more the project will cost.

  • Labor: Labor typically costs between $350 and $650.

  • Materials: The type of wood, as well as the other materials used, impact the total cost.

  • Regional pricing trends: Deck refinishing prices can vary significantly depending on the time of year and the cost of living in a given area.

  • Cleaning: It’s advisable to clean your deck before refinishing it. Cleaning supplies cost $65.

  • Power washing: It costs $75 to rent a power washer for a day.

  • Steps and railings: Refinishing steps and railings adds to the overall cost of the project. If you need to replace damaged or broken steps, expect to pay $20 per square foot. Return to Top

DIY Deck Refinish Costs vs. Hiring a Pro

DIY deck refinishing costs less than hiring a pro, but it involves a lot of effort and you need a good understanding of carpentry and wood staining. Although hiring a local deck refinisher is more expensive, it ensures the work is done quickly and properly. You’ll also get a warranty on the work and parts.


How do you refinish an old deck?

You’ll need a long weekend with mild weather between 60 and 80 degrees, as well as cleaning supplies, a power washer, an orbital sander, and wood stain and supplies. Follow these steps:

  • Inspection: Examine your deck to be sure it’s still securely fastened to your house. Tighten loose screws and bolts, and replace any rusty fasteners. Check for damage and rot. If you notice structural damage or soft boards, it’s advisable to call in a deck specialist to repair your deck safely.

  • Cleaning: Cover any nearby plants or landscaping with plastic sheeting. Wearing appropriate hand and eye protection, use a wood cleaner to wash the dirt and debris off your deck.

  • Power washing: Power wash your deck at the appropriate pressure level for the type of wood.

  • Sanding: Allow your deck to dry completely or for at least 48 hours. For best results, use an orbital sander with the right grit of sandpaper for your deck. Use a lower grit for the floor of your deck and a higher grit for railings.

  • Staining: Use a sprayer for quick and even application, and blend in the stain with a roller, brush or pad.

  • Cleanup: Dispose safely of deck refinishing supplies, as finish is often flammable. Put rags, pads and brushes in a metal can and submerge them in water. Seal the can and dispose of it along with leftover stain, solvents and other hazardous waste materials. Never throw these items away with the regular trash or wash them down the drain.

Can you put new decking over old decking?

No. There’s often decay beneath the decking where the fastener penetrates the joist. It’s better to cap, repair or replace joists.

Why should you refinish a deck?

Refinishing a deck is important because it needs regular upkeep to maintain its appearance and functionality — especially if you live in a harsh climate.

Maintaining your deck allows you to keep enjoying your outdoor living space. Additionally, it increases the resale value of your home without you having to rebuild the deck.

How can I save money on deck refinishing?

You can save money on deck refinishing by following these guidelines:

  • Get at least three estimates from local contractors.

  • Make sure that each estimate includes materials, delivery, preparation, labor and cleanup.

  • Hire a deck specialist instead of a general contractor.

How much does Deck Wizard Cost?

Deck Wizard is primarily an East Coast company. To find out how much Deck Wizard costs, contact them directly for a quote.

How much does Deck Helmet Cost?

Deck Helmet costs depend on the size of your deck and the amount of work you need done. Contact a local representative to get an accurate quote.

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