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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Surveillance Camera?

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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are becoming more commonplace in residential homes because they are so affordable. This means you can create property protection both indoors and outdoors like never before. After you've determined the area or areas which will you would like to watch and picked the type of camera, it's important to set up the security system properly. A poor installation won't get you desired results. Any legitimate security service that offers camera surveillance will probably offer installation, and if they're credible they'll also make sure your system is not only working but legal.

Camera types

A security camera can come in many different shapes including dome, bullet and c-mount. C-mount camera can specifically hold custom lens, so you can design exactly the kind of lens you need for your security situation. The best security camera for you will depend on where and when you plan to use it. Will you plan to use it during the day, at night or both? Know whether you want infrared. Determine if you want the camera to be high resolution and what dimensions you want it to cover. If you think you live in a high-risk area, you might one that's tamper-resistant. Knowing what you want ahead of time will help the security professional determine the type of camera or cameras you need that fall within your budget.


Typically a complete surveillance kit will be made up of a series of cameras connected wired or wirelessly to a system that records and displays your recordings on a monitor. More video monitoring systems are utilizing the same wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi local area network (LAN) used by your home's computers, smart phones and other devices. Smart phone applications also allow you to control your surveillance system when you're away. This means you can check your kids while you're at work, make sure your home is all right when you are on vacation, and see what your pets are doing during the day.

Wired vs. wireless cameras

Both wired and wireless security cameras protect your home from invasion or theft. However, there are costs to using one or the other. Wired cameras involve running cables through your home, which can be expensive during installation and repairs afterward. Wireless security cameras can be installed anywhere in the house, but then you run the risk of the signal being interrupted and the feed lost. Your security professional will assess your home and determine which is the best connection for you.

Hidden cameras

These cameras are normally motion-activated and can be a bit more costly than others. Also, not all of these cameras contain audio capability. It is generally legal to videotape nannies without their permission. However, using cameras with audio can bring legal problems since it may fall under eavesdropping or wiretapping. Laws governing use of a device with an audio component to tape a sitter without consent vary from state to state. Be sure you talk to your installation professional about what your needs are so that they can be sure to recommend the right legal product for your home.


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Luis Aguilar More than 1 year ago
I've tried inexpensive units. but upgraded twice. I would recommend 1080 hd resolutions on the first try. what a difference and the cost was manageable. I installed myself, took longer than expected, but I feel a lot better now.
M Bebe More than 1 year ago
have excellent 2 cameras ...just need wiring done
Tim Reed More than 1 year ago
need to find good surveillance cameras because of a kid throwing rocks, etc at my trailer and car. He does that at night in the dark. Any help would be appreciated

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