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How Much Does It Cost To Install Glass Blocks?

Typical Range: $456 - $981

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October 13, 2021

Glass block installation costs anywhere between $456 and $981, or $710. Glass blocks installation varies depending on items such as whether you choose glass or acrylic and the size of the glass wall you’re looking for.

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National Average $710
Typical Range $456 - $981
Low End - High End $200 - $1,400

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Glass Block Prices

The type of glass block you choose impacts the price you’ll pay.

Glass Block

If you’re building your glass wall out of actual glass, then you’ll expect to pay around $7 per block. There are options for pre-made glass walls that come in different dimensions, with an average cost of around $10 per block

Large projects, such as closing off an entire shower or making a custom wall for a spa at the pool, can swing wholesale prices, which brings the cost per block to $5. Custom blocks or unusual shapes (such as corner pieces) may push the price upwards of $25 per block.

Other material costs to consider include grout or mortar. Mortar is recommended for outdoor jobs and will cost around $18 for a 50-pound unmixed mortar kit. A pre-mixed grout kit will cost around $15 for a one-quart bucket.

Colored Glass Block

Colored glass blocks often cost more. They start at around $20 per block and can reach upwards of $35 per block, depending on the individual color.

Acrylic Block

Acrylic blocks cost around $12 to $20 per block on average. This is because acrylic is stronger than glass, so it holds up better over time. Though, you might find the options are limited compared to what’s available for strictly glass blocks.

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Glass Block Installation Cost

On average, expect to pay around $45 an hour in labor. The total time to complete a project depends entirely on its scale. So for a small job, such as replacing a window with a prefabricated option, you may only spend around $200. Most small-scale jobs work on a flat fee rather than by the hour.

For large-scale jobs, you’re looking at one or two days' worth of work for around $1,500.

Glass Block or Tile Installation Cost by Type

There are four main areas where most people install glass blocks.


The average cost to install a glass block window is about $500 on average. Many of these are prefabricated and don’t take long for a pro to install.


Walls get a little more complicated, as they all have a different width and height. For a hallway wall or accent wall, expect to pay around $1,250 for installation. For shower walls that are only on one side, you’ll pay around $1,500, depending on whether yours was prefabricated or not.

Bar Fronts

Glass block bar fronts cost around $1,000 on average. Though this may change depending on the size of your bar.

Pool and Spa Dividers

Glass blocks are a great choice for splitting up your pool from your hot tub. They often require custom work, but you’re typically only working with a small number of blocks. Expect to pay around $900 for this type of installation.

Glass Block Installation Cost by Style

Glass blocks can also be divided by their style. These stylers either give extra privacy or add texture and depth to the glass block.

Common styles to choose from and their prices include:

  • Clear: $7 per block
  • Wavy: $7 per block
  • Alpha: $10 per block
  • Ice: $15 per block
  • Diamond: $15 per block
  • Frosted: $25 per block

Adding in a color to any of these options will raise the cost by a minimum of $10 per block.

Glass Block Installation Cost by Size

The egress window in your basement is likely drastically different from the window looking out into your backyard. Some windows are five blocks wide and two blocks high, while others are three blocks wide and seven blocks high.

The actual size of the block will vary from as little as 5 inches to as much as 8 inches. Most glass blocks are around 3 inches in depth.

Find the Best Glass Style for Your Project

Glass Block Installation Cost Factors

You have three main types of glass block installation that affect the overall cost. You’ll also need to consider the ease of installation and whether you’re replacing a window or wall or adding a new one in.

Installation Method

The most common methods of installation include:

  • Mortar: Has a traditional look but lacks energy efficiency ($175)
  • Silicone: Has a tighter seal but lacks ventilation ($200)
  • Vinyl: Is durable and has good ventilation but finding custom pieces is difficult ($275)

Ease of Installation

If your window is operating on old hinges or your wall has cracks, then you might run into problems with the installation process. You’re likely going to need specific equipment in these instances, which will drive labor costs up.

New or Replacement

Replacing an existing window with a glass block window is going to be more affordable than having to cut out a new hole for the window. Replacement of an existing window will run around $600 on average. Adding in a new hole for a window will cost around $1,000 at minimum.


Whether you need ventilation or not will also factor into the final cost. If you’re installing a glass block window in a bathroom, then you’ll likely need the extra ventilation. Adding a ventilation slot to the window will raise the cost by an extra $20 on average.

Cost to Install Glass Blocks Yourself

If you find a prefabricated option that fits your dimensions, you can easily install a glass block window into a preexisting window space. By doing this project yourself, expect to pay around $150 to $450, depending on the size and type of glass block.

DIY vs. Hiring a Glass Block Installer

For any projects that require custom-built walls or windows, stick with hiring a local glass block installer instead. This will save you headaches and make sure your project is installed correctly. 


How often should you seal your glass blocks?

You should seal the mortar or silicone around the glass blocks every 12 to 24 months. This helps fill in any holes that will appear over time.

Can you replace a single glass block if one breaks?

Yes, if one of the glass blocks breaks or cracks, you can remove it without having to take down the entire wall or window. Though this involves breaking the block more, so you should leave this job to a professional.

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