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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Elevator Or Stair Lift?

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A residential elevator or stair lift makes it easier for a person to traverse different levels of a structure. These devices are particularly helpful for individuals who have a difficult time walking due to balance problems, vertigo, arthritis and other medical conditions. While elevators and stair lifts are highly reliable, they do require an occasional repair by a trained professional in order to function safely and effectively.

What Most Elevator and Stair Lift Repair Companies Can Handle

Most elevator and stair lift maintenance companies can handle issues such as routine maintenance, safety testing, inspection, and repair. Many manufacturers of elevators and stair lifts recommend using the same company for maintenance and repairs as installation. Some repair services are factory-authorized and perform repairs using original parts from the manufacturer. The average cost of a service call for an elevator or stair lift is $120. If any repairs need to be made, the cost of labor to repair an elevator or stair lift averages $75 per hour. An inspection fee or certification of safety varies by municipality and averages $25 for a stair lift and $150 for an elevator.

Common Problems With Elevators and Stair Lifts

Elevators and stair lifts are prone to certain types of problems related to their functioning. Some of the most common that property owners experience include the elevator or stair lift getting stuck, its call box not working, noises, and jumpy or bumpy rides. Property owners may also notice unusually high energy use, slow operation, or increased elevator down time. A lack of routine maintenance for a stair lift or elevator may increase the frequency of system breakdowns and problems.

Typical Repairs for an Elevator or Stair Lift

Some of the most common repairs needed for an elevator or a stair lift include replacement cables for a cable drive or hydraulic system of the elevator, replacement chain for chain drive systems, fixing a ruptured hydraulic fluid line in hydraulic systems, and cleaning and seal maintenance for pneumatic systems. Newer elevators are often outfitted with automated or computerized controls that may experience occasional electronic glitches, which interfere with optimal system performance. Drive chain adjustments are another common repair performed to ensure that the stair lift chair stops or the elevator opens at the proper place. Malfunctioning door operators account for nearly three-quarters of elevator repair requests.

Considerations for Stair Lift and Elevator Repairs

The longer the track for the elevator or stair lift, the more the repair will cost. A stair lift that operates on a curved track may cost more to repair due to the increased complexity of the system's mechanics. A newer stair lift or elevator that consumes a considerable amount of electricity may be sensitive to fluctuations in voltage. Brown-outs or electrical surges may impact the functioning of the system and necessitate an upgrade in the property's electrical capacity and wiring in order to operate the lift or elevator.

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