Grants for Home Modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities

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Updated February 1, 2021

home modification

If you have accessibility needs, you can stay where you’re comfortable with home modification. A growing number of service professionals and designers are focused on making home convenient for all abilities. This means more opportunity than ever to renovate, rather than relocate – and there are options for homeowners who don’t have the funds to undergo a major remodel.

This guide provides information on available grants to help improve your quality of life. The cost to remodel for a disability modification averages about $4,350, but can be much more, depending on the type of work you need done. If you aren’t sure exactly where to start, a home safety assessment and disability planner near you can help.

To get an idea of the funding you’ll need, here’s a look at common upgrades that people opt for:

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Grants for Accessibility Accommodation in the Home

If you have concerns regarding the cost of home modifications, it’s a relief to know there are resources for financial assistance. Some grants cover partial costs, while others award the full expense.

Typically, you’ll fill out a form where you share your unique story, as well as what you hope to accomplish should you receive the grant. Be personal and honest – these grants are made to make a difference in recipients’ lives and well-being, so the reasons you need financial support are important.

Many grants include specific eligibility criteria, so be sure to check requirements and deadlines as you apply.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers the Specially Adapted Housing Grant. Veterans and service members with certain service-connected disabilities can use grant money for the purchase or construction of a new home, or the modification of a current home.

Rebuilding Together AmeriCorps helps many groups of people build new homes or modify existing ones. They pride themselves in working with families who have one or more members living with a disability to repair or modify homes to make them safer and more accessible. Find your local affiliate for more information about specific requirements.

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The Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Recipients must be 62 years or older and from low-income households. Funds may be used to modify existing residences or can be used to install new home features that create safer living quarters for residents. State offices of the USDA also offer assistance at local levels, and some have broader eligibility requirements.

The American Red Cross provides financial assistance for eligible active military service members, veterans, and direct members of their families. If you have a disability-related to serving, this organization may help you effectively update your home to meet your new needs.

The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) provides financial assistance to qualified soldiers, veterans and their families for a variety of expenses. The goal of this group focuses on helping Army members maintain their independence, including necessary home modifications.

The Self-Sufficiency Grant from ModestNeeds.Org seeks to offer support to individuals and families who need help with unexpected or emergency expenses, as well as outstanding monthly bills left unpaid because of extenuating circumstances. Their goal is to help ensure that families living just above the poverty line don’t have to spend their last dollar on necessities like adaptable home repairs.

The Individual Adaptive Equipment Grant from the Travis Roy Foundation is for people who are paralyzed from a spinal cord injury. It is open to all ages. Those who need home modifications, such as ramp construction or grab bar placement, are encouraged to apply.

The Gary Sinise Foundation’s Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment (RISE) program was created by the Forrest Gump icon to honor the needs of war survivors injured during service to the United States military. The program provides grants for modifying existing living spaces or constructing new Smart Homes that offer the freedom for veterans to live comfortably and independently. They also offer mobility devices and adapted vehicles to injured, wounded, ill or aging veterans.

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The Assisted Living Conversion Program (ALCP) is a program established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It’s specifically for seniors who need home modifications to accommodate needs, including those related to a disability. You can also use funds for personal assistance, such as an aide that helps with cooking, cleaning or personal care.

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks has hundreds of local chapters throughout the United States. They offer support at individual and community levels. If you are a member or are interested in becoming one, you can contact your local chapter to find out what kind of assistance you may be eligible to receive for your home modifications.

Lions Clubs International provides resources and financial help to those with a hearing impairment or visual disability. Local clubs sponsor many programs that may provide direct assistance to community members. To find out how they may be able to assist in your home adaptation efforts, you can reach out to your city or region’s local club.

The American Parkinson Disease Association funds patients with disabilities related to degenerative disease. You can check with your local chapter for grants, or find out what grant organizations they fund in your community that you may qualify for.

The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA)offers individuals and families several different types of support. Their website provides a tool for locating available offices and organizations in your state that may be able to provide you with the assistance you seek.

The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification provides a state directory for finding a broad range of local resources for home modification financial aid. The organization’s website also offers helpful links and articles for those who have questions about building or restructuring an accommodating home.

The Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (RESNA) Catalyst Project aims to provide technical assistance for home modification. Funds are granted to individuals through state-level programs. You can find out what your state may offer you by using this tool.

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Additional Helpful Resources

The following resources offer helpful insight into advantageous home modification options, as well as additional agencies you may wish to contact to help you meet your needs.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)offers many helpful resources for seniors with disabilities. This article highlights some practical home modification ideas depending on your individual needs, such as visual impairment or immobility.

Infinitec provides details about home modification needs. From bathroom updates to kitchen sinks, this resource can help you decide on specific home renovations.

The National Association of Home Builders has teamed up with AARP and Home Innovation Research Labs to create the Certified Aging-In-Place (CAPS) program, which gives builders and remodelers special training in meeting the needs of elders who require home modifications. They may also know about available grants in your area. You can also find local disability services to help if you need more guidance. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA)offers disability benefits, including those for veterans whose disability resulted from service injuries. The SSA also offers information on how to make the most of your benefits if you choose to continue working, so you can use this compensation to pay for necessities like home modifications.

If you have questions about other available means of support or education where you live, you may benefit from reaching out to your state or county’s local office. These departments can give you more information on who to contact about grants, other funding, or even support groups.

If you feel ready to get started, you can browse qualified remodelers or hire a local ADA contractor.

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  1. Evelyn Goodwin, June 22:

    My husband is disabled, he’s in the nursing home, want to go home and I want him home too. My house is not for disabled. Please help us. Thank you!

  2. michael lafleur, June 27:

    I live in a cottage in Oakley California in a RV Trailer and Cottage park and am trying to locate a grant or program that can assist me in modifying my bathroom and build a ramp so i can get in and out of my home.My landlord is willing to work with me in modifying my home so I don’t have to move but wants me to try to find out if we can get financial help to do it.When I lived in Oakland I had found a program but I ended up having to move due to problems with the landlord there Any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. brenda russell, July 4:

    I am a disable veterans I live in state and rent home in another state to an tenant who also disable and are taking care if three frosted kid and her three grand kid. However, I need to fix the drive way ,which need total replace and also the house need central air. Is their a grant in the state of Nc that I can apply for even thus I live out state.

  4. Dianna Gregory, August 2:

    I need my bathroom remodeled to accommodated my disability do to a stroke. I have a tub in my bathroom which I can no longer use. I need a walk in shower that I can get into from a walker and sit. This one of the things that will give me some dignity back. I don’t have money to do it or does my landlord. I make 1200 a month so I in no way can afford this and my landlord is my mother who is retired and can’t pay for it either. I thank you for your time.

  5. Mary Polo, October 21:

    My son came home, from Iraq, with PTSD and a severe auto immune disease. He developed agonizing bloody blisters all over his body. He was also exposed to radiation and had lost all of his hair, which has grown back. Treating his disease has cause severe arthritis, and the PTSD has caused vascular/ cardiac problems. He recently moved to Georgia, where he has bought a home. I know that if he were able to have a swimming pool, it would help with both the arthritis and the PTSD, but he can not afford it. Is there a company who would build him a swimming pool, in Georgia, for a disabled veteran?
    Thank you

  6. linda, October 31:

    wheelchair use can be simpler

  7. melissa purvis, November 8:

    My husband became disabled after having a stroke 3 years ago. We’re a low income family & we’re in desperate need of a lot home repairs. I need any available organizations that could help us.

  8. Edward Nichols, November 30:

    I am 60 years old and disabled. I am recently divorced and have custody of my adopted 7 year old and my 23 year old disabled son from birth. My 33 year old son had a bout with cancer and now walks with braces and a cane. He is limited on what he can do. He needs home modifications so he can do things on his own like walkin shower .wider doorway.and so . on. We live in ga. If someone can point us in right direction that would be great

  9. Andrea, December 5:
  10. Barbara Johnson, December 19:

    I am losing my mother’s house my daughter say I can stay with her but getting in her house is a problem because I don’t walk well. I live Missouri I need help . ThankYou

  11. Dawn worden, January 15:

    My husband is in a wheelchair and has Alzheimer’s it is hard for him to get in and out of the tub I would like to turn the tub into a shower I don’t think we are consider low income is there anything I can get help with to do this thank you for your time sincerely dawn

  12. Kristy McKibben, January 18:

    My 38 year old brother has spinalbifida. He is paralyzed mid thigh down. Things were easier for him when he could wear his braces and use his crutches , but he can no longer wear them because his bones are getting more bridle. He has destroyed the bathroom and his body just simple getting on the toilet and using the sink. My mother takes car of him and does not make much money. She can’t afford to fix and make the bathroom accommodating. I am hoping there are some sort of grants to help them. Thank you for your time. -Kristy McKibben

  13. Salome Vaughn, January 24:

    I am only interested in Grant programs that can allow me to remodel and accomodate my home for my Grandson, whom I have adopted that has Extreme Autism. There were safety issues when he was born and I have spent a great deal of money to ensure he is safe, secure and in a learning environment. I am a single parent and a Senior. Please advise what options there are out there for me. No interested in someone that just wants my money, it is hard earned. Thank you for assistance.

  14. Gina Bond, January 24:

    I have MS & have permanent damage to the left side of my body. We have 2 bathrooms…one with a jetted tub, the other with a tub/shower unit. It has become nearly impossible for me to get into or out of either one. Therefore, I have had to resort to sink bathing. I have a family member willing to put me in a low entry shower for a reasonable amount of money but I cannot afford to do this as my husband & I are existing on my disability check only. I am looking for grants or other resources to help pay for this & some other home modifications such as widening doorways. Thanks for your help.

  15. James Joseph, February 1:

    My husband lost both his legs when he,was 24 yrs old , we own a home and he has to hop in the house every day up the stairs I’m looking for a grant for a ramp for him so he doesn’t have to hop anymore .

  16. Marykay Brown, February 12:

    I am not sure what website I need to go to. Here is our story. We adopted our 7 foster children several years ago. All of them have different levels of disabilities. Our son Christopher is quadriplegic, has daily seizures, a feeding tube and needs oxygen support. He was addicted to black tar heroin when he was born. We need to find a way to get him safely into the basement during a tornado. We live in Kansas. We adopted him when he was 18 months old and he is now 16 years old. It is very scary when the sirens blow. If you can help we sure would appreciate it. Thank you

  17. patricia murdock, February 15:

    my husband is on a disability, and i am needing help, i was in a motorbike accident 1 half years ag.. cant work yet ,iv had a mental break down 2 years ago…my home is in need of electrical, fully redone, and my furnace is dying,,i need help the i cant get help

  18. Angela Nelson, March 7:

    I purchased a home and my disabled daughter live with me. The first couple of days she was going up the stairs, but one day she just freaked out and wouldn’t come down. It took me hours of talking and telling her she wouldn’t fall. I had to have her to sit down and scoot down the stair. Is there any help that can help build her a bedroom downstairs or get a small elevator for her to go to her bedroom. Right now she is in the den on a twin mattress sleeping.

  19. Heidi Hackett, March 10:

    My son is 18 years old and has CP. He is nonambulatory. My house is not handicapped accessible in any way. My husband and I both work and don’t qualify for financial assistance and we don’t have the cash needed to make the modifications. So many things need to be done to our house. For one, his wheelchair stays in the garage bc there is no way to get it into the house. Secondly, his bedroom is on the second floor. We need so much help and he isn’t getting any lighter. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  20. Toni keisler, March 22:

    I’m 60 disabled 1998, asthma, 8 spine surgeries, 2 total joints, sjogrens and rheumatoid enables stairs, I need some help small front deck ramp.

  21. Curt Carlson, March 24:

    I need help with remodeling my kitchen because of my disability which some things I can’t do because of my back because of the nerves in my back

  22. Lisa Kley, March 28:

    I am a disabled widow with a 12 yr old autistic son on a tight budget would love to be able to have some work done on my home under grants that are available

  23. Denise, March 31:

    My daughter bought a house for her mentally/physically disabled brother. The bathroom and doorways need revamped. Since he will be renting long term is there any help available? Thank you.

  24. John Hien, May 15:

    I’m an honorably discharged 70 year old Vietnam veteran with a 70% disability rating from the VA.

    Can you advise on any assistance available to help with home repairs?

    Thank you in advance…

  25. Gail Davis, May 15:

    Is there anygrant help available for my friend that is raising her 14 year old granddaughter that has FASD? The girl is unable to get up out of a regular tub without A LOT of assistance and she is now bigger than her grandmother.

  26. Angela Garren, July 5:

    Where do I apply for a grant to fix my home I am on disability

  27. Sharletta, July 5:

    My daughter is blind we bought a house and the ac unit has gone out. We are a low income family in need of help. Everyone in the household has asthma and it is becoming unbearable to live. Please help us

  28. BARRY BRUCE, July 7:

    i’m a 63 yo male with multiple sclerosis in Ct and I am looking for a grant to help me purchase a wheelchair accessible home! I’m currently trapped in a nursing home and it is a terrible place to live! I HAVE NO PERSONAL FREEDOM AND NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE FACILITY BY MYSELF! I NEED URGENT HELP!!!

  29. Derek dichiaro, July 7:

    Hi my name is Derek I am disabled I have diabetes Meniere’s disease arthritis ulcerative colitis thyroid problem heart problem I get SSI I get $735 a month and all it covers is my utility and food and I get $70 in food stamps I have worked very hard to pay off my house and my car and now I just cannot work anymore and I cannot afford homeowners insurance last year a twister came through and messed up my roof it leaks all over the place and my windows need painting and to be reglazed occasionally a pane of glass will fall out due to their not being glazed around the glass anymore my laundry room has a tarp over the top of it because a tree fell on it and put a hole in the roof plus it is leaking and other places and my heating and air systems I have two of them the one upstairs does not work at all and the one downstairs only has Heat at all I have is a few window units and it usually stays about 90 to 95 degrees in my house in the summer time which makes me feel very sick my house is all I have but unfortunately it is starting to crumble up around me and I just do not know what to do and to be sincerely honest with you I have lost over 69 pounds from not eating just trying to keep my home in one piece so if there is some organization out there that can help me I would very much appreciate it sincerely and God bless

  30. Julie Wilson, July 9:

    I am a gram of raising a disabled child who has a vent feeding tube oxygen and heart conditions we live in a very small home we both work 40 hour jobs just making ends me we only get $400 a month to support my grandson I want to know if there’s any funds out there that help us to add on to a house for a room for my grandson

  31. Joey, July 11:

    Hello my name is joseph orta & my mother is ineed of some home repairs her kitchen sink is falling & it also connected to the bathroom & the restroom floor is caving in to she ineed of some repairs can u plz help

  32. Marcy weekley, July 12:

    Hello my name is marcy weekley and i’m looking for help in getting a handicapped shower so please help me out if you could also i’m physically disabled and in a wheelchair and i really need a handicapped shower

  33. Joyce, July 12:

    Where can I find financial assistance to put up a ramp for my tenant

  34. Paul R. Richard, October 16:

    I am trying to find the application to apply for home modification. Could you help me?
    I am 68, my wife and I are both handicapped, I have MS and wheelchair bound, I also have many other problems, this is why I want to apply. Please help me.

  35. Sirley, October 18:

    My 37 year old daughter has Huntington’s disease. I am looking for assistance to put in a shower stall and make a bedroom on the 1st floor for her. Where can I look for assistance.

  36. Judy Manning, October 18: name is Judy..I have Cerebral palsy..wasn’t diagnosed till I was 43 ..I have a bathtub I can no longer get in..I really need someone to help me get a walk in tub..doctors tell me the jets in the tub will help the spasticity in my legs..please help

  37. Lynn A. Tokola, January 11:

    My brother is disabled and lives in a home that we acquired from our mother’s estate. The home is in my name but he lives there. It needs a new roof and neither one of us has the money to fix it. Can you tell me if there is some help he can get to fix the roof? Thank you

  38. Genia Copaus, January 17:

    I’m a disabled 54 yr. old and have a older trailer that needs new windows and insulation underneath floors but can not afford the cost. Is there a grant program that can help.

  39. Linda H, January 18:

    My 30 year old son has ALS since 2015, he is a veteran. His wife and 15 month old daughter live with me now. My 3 bedroom home is not big enough and we need handicap modifications. He has the grant from the VA, but i need people who are honest and care about the needs of my family. My daughter passed away suddenly last year leaving her 6 year old autistic son who i have custody of and will have to adopt. I have to have another bedroom now as well. I am also a disabled nurse with MS. We live in Florida and need to know if it would be easier to just get another home or remodel this one for handicap

  40. Deb Taylor, January 22:

    I need help putting in a walk-in shower. I had a stroke and getting in the bathtub is an accident waiting to happen. I can’t get my legs up and over the tub. Who would I get in contact with for help. Thank you.

  41. Tim Kelly, February 3:

    I’m disabled and on a fixed income and trying to get a easier method of bathing only have garden tub in my bathroom and really need a walk in shower is there any assistance out there for people like me

  42. Shelly, February 4:

    I need help with a new bathroom. I have RA and it’s progressing rapidly I need a shower can’t get in and out of tub

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