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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Shutters?

Typical Range: $123 - $347

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Shutters may be used for a variety of reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, providing privacy, protecting against weather conditions and adding to the aesthetics of a building. Window shutters can be on either the outside or inside of a home (like plantation shutters), and their repairs depend on the extent of their damage.

Indoor or Outdoor Shutters?

Outdoor shutters are exposed to the elements, so it may be more difficult to repair a broken louver (slats in the shutter) and find one to match. Additionally, outdoor shutters can suffer from warping. Indoor shutters may need to have hinges replaced if they've been open and closed. These shutters also suffer from usual wear and tear after prolonged use, so be aware of their condition as to not have one fall on your foot or break unexpectedly.

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$123 - $347
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Material Types

What material the shutters are made out of will also factor into repair costs. Most shutters are made of wood, so replacement materials will vary based on what kind of wood. Repairing shutters made of vinyl, metal or plastic will be easier in these cases but may cost more, depending on the quality of the shutter material. Also whether the material is stained or painted a particular color to match your home will determine costs. Non-standard colors are always more expensive to replace.

Storm Shutters

Storm Shutters to protect against violent storms often have electrical components that might need replacing or repair. If you have remote-controlled shutters, those parts can increase the cost of your repair.

Location and Complexity

If your shutter is difficult to access you might incur extra cost for the risk and difficulty in reaching that area. Additionally, if your shutter is situated in a complex window structure and is a customized design, these types are a bit more expensive to repair because your contractor will need to search for a match, or one will have to be custom built for your design.

Shutter Hardware

If you are repairing hardware like rods, pins, catches, knobs, and springs, these items are relatively less expensive than repairing or replacing louvers. Fixing a loose frame or adding new hinges, while time-consuming, can be less of an expense than replacement.

Shutter Refurbishing

If your shutters are still in relatively good shape, you may want to talk to your contractor about refurbishing your shutters for a new look. Refurbishing would entail fixing your existing shutter as well as refinishing, painting or staining it so that all louvers match, and replacing old hardware. Refurbishing a much less expensive way to make your shutters look brand new than it would be to replace them completely.


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