How Much Do Solar Screens Cost?

Typical Range:

$120 - $480

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Updated June 9, 2021

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Solar Screen Costs

The average solar screen costs $300 per window, including labor. Most homeowners pay between $120 and $480 per window. Expect to pay more for larger windows (such as floor-to-ceiling), custom screens or certain openness/density levels.

Solar screens are an effective way to lower your energy bills, especially if you live in a warm and sunny climate. These mesh screens reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home, keeping it naturally cooler and providing better insulation. They also offer more privacy than regular window screens.

Solar Screen Cost Per Window

Average Cost$300
High Cost$480+
Low Cost$120

Solar Screen Prices

Most solar screens by themselves range from $40 to $280 per window or $160 on average, not including labor. Screens made from more durable mesh will cost more.

Solar screens come in many colors. Darker screens (like black or brown) make it easier to see out of your window but lighter screens bring in more natural light. There isn’t a noticeable price difference between darker and lighter versions.

Solar Screen Cost Per Square Foot

Cost to install solar screens or blinds is $300 per window

Solar screens are about $4 to $5 per square foot but could cost as much as $7.50 or more. However, the more screens you install on your windows, the lower your per-square-foot costs will be.

Solar Blinds Cost

Including labor, solar blinds are usually between $160 and $340 per window. This price is higher than the cost to install blinds (non-solar), which is $80 per window. Solar blinds are more expensive than regular shades because the material is denser and more durable.

If you’re not sure which type of blind is for you, call a window blind installer near you for recommendations and a quote.

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Cost of Solar Shades

Solar shades and solar blinds are the same thing, and cost between $160 and $340 per window. For a house with 8 standard windows in need of shades, this would likely cost between $1,280 and $2,720. Check with a window treatment company near you for an estimate.

DIY Solar Screen Installation vs. Hiring a Professional

While most homeowners can install solar screen mesh over their windows, professional window treatment companies make installation both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you don’t get the proper fit, you won’t get the full benefits of a solar screen. If you hire a professional, the costs will pay for themselves in about one to two years.


What are solar screens?

Solar screens are a type of mesh that prevent too much sunlight from entering your house. They’re adhered to either the outside or inside of your windows and significantly reduce glare and lower your home’s temperature.

Solar screens also provide extra privacy; you can see out your windows with these screens but outsiders can’t see inside.

Do solar screens work?

When properly installed, solar screens insulate your home better than other types of screens. In places like Texas, Nevada or Arizona, they help cool your home naturally and lower your energy bills as a result (up to 33%).

How much do solar screens in Las Vegas cost?

Solar screen installation in Las Vegas is comparable to the national average and is around $4 per square foot.

What’s the difference between solar screens, blinds and shades?

Solar screens, shades and blinds all offer glare and sunlight reduction. Screens cover the entire window (like a regular window screen). Solar blinds and shades follow the same design as traditional blinds where you can adjust their height and how much window they cover.

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