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How Much Does A Backyard Putting Green Cost?

Typical Range: $1,800 - $9,000

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Artificial Putting Green Cost

Installing a medium, 200-square-foot putting green averages $4,300 for most homeowners. Bigger artificial putting greens (500-square-feet or more) will likely cost at least $9,000. A 100-square-foot green will run between $1,800 and $3,000.

Most contractors will charge between $18 and $25 per square foot to turn your lawn into a golfing paradise.

Putting Green Installation Cost

Average Cost$4,300
High Cost$9,000+
Low Cost$1,800

Backyard Golf Green Cost Per Square Foot

Expect to pay between $18 and $25 per square foot to have a backyard putting green installed. This pricing could change based on size. The larger your golf green, the less you’ll pay per square foot; most contractors lower their rates for bigger projects.

For example, a large green of 2,000 or more square feet might cost $15 per square foot whereas a smaller green might cost $30 per square foot. Smaller projects take less time so contractors’ rates will often rise to make it worth the time and materials.

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Average Cost to Build a Home Putting Green

Step in the Installation ProcessAverage Cost
Land grading$3,100
Installing turf$4,580
Building holes, installing flagsticks$300

Although the cost of land grading is high, your yard might not need it. Talk to a putting green installer near you to see if you can skip this step.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Putting Green Cost

Indoor putting greens can cost as low as $160 to $400 or more than $4,040. The price varies based on how close to outdoor designs you want your indoor green to be.

When it comes to outdoor putting greens, the sky is practically the limit. You could spend tens of thousands creating a golfer’s playground. Remember that costs range from $15 to $30 per square foot for an outdoor green.

Synthetic Putting Green Cost

Installing synthetic putting greens costs between $15 and $40 per square foot. There’s also an option for buying synthetic mats which are $460 to $1,360. Prices depend on the size of the mat. 

The downside to buying premade synthetic mats is that you don’t have much say in the design. When installing synthetic putting areas or laying down artificial turf, you can create a hole to your liking.

DIY Cost vs. Hire A Professional Golf Green Builder

Installing turf and shaping it to create a putting green is no easy feat. It’s a pretty niche industry that requires specialized knowledge to make sure your golf space looks and functions as it should. Not to mention, if your yard needs land grading, you’ll definitely need a contractor and their access to equipment.

As avid golfers know, the devil is in the details. Having an improperly DIY-installed golf green could hurt your game more than help.

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How do you install an artificial putting green?

  1. Prepare the area. Clear out the ground of any grass, soil or weeds and grade the land as necessary.
  2. Install the base. Artificial grass needs a base of sand and gravel.
  3. Solidify the base. Compact and wet the gravel.
  4. Lay the turf. Trim and cut as needed.
  5. Tuck the edges. Push and tuck the turf under any borders.
  6. Add weight. Apply durafill sand to help weigh the turf down.
  7. Power brush. This helps settle the turf.

As you can see, it’s a lengthy process. Find an artificial grass company near you to save time.

What’s the cost of a Bella Turf putting green kit?

Bella Turf DIY kits come in a variety of sizes and turf types. Prices and estimates are on a case-by-case basis.

What is a putting green made of?

Real putting greens are grown with a type of bentgrass. Synthetic greens are typically made of nylon or polypropylene. On average, installing turf costs for a putting area is $18 to $25 per square foot and installing bentgrass is less than $.70 per square foot.

Here are some pros and cons for both types of greens:

Real Putting GreensSynthetic Putting Greens
  • The real thing, like a pro course
  • Less expensive to install
  • Much easier to maintain
  • Costs less to maintain
  • Similar feel to a real green
  • More expensive to keep up
  • Require daily maintenance and watering
  • More expensive to install
  • Difficult to move holes

You’ll know what type is best for you. Either way, there’s nothing better than having immediate access to one of your favorite pastimes.

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