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How Much Does It Cost To Install Holiday Lighting?

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Right after Thanksgiving, it starts happening slowly but surely - the neighborhood is putting up the collective holiday decorations. Arguably one of the greatest versions of holiday decoration is holiday lighting. It brightens up the neighborhood in the dead of winter and dresses up your home. The cost to install holiday lighting will depend on a number of factors.

Home Size

The size of your home will be one of the largest factors in the price of your holiday lighting installation. The more space you need to cover, the more money you will spend on both the lighting and the labor costs for installation

Light Types

The type of lights that you pick will also affect the cost to install holiday lighting. There are many options, ranging from LED lighting to standard lights, colored lights, icicle lights and more. Some types of lighting are more expensive than others. LED lights last longer than other types and are brighter. They also use less electricity, making them more energy efficient. However, LED lighting is more expensive and so they will raise the costs of your holiday lighting installation.

Holiday Lights Wiring

You'll need extension cords or stakes to keep lighting in place. Some wreaths come with small battery packs to keep them illuminated without a cord to trip over, and some lighting works with battery pack. You may choose to use timers for your holiday lights. This will raise the initial cost of installation, however, will save you money in the long run.


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Connie Benjamin More than 1 year ago
Please let me know.
Donna Foley More than 1 year ago
My electrician with Omaha electric told me he could do it for less than the $500 I had paid the year before. And he ended up charging me $1000 and they broke my fountain when they knocked it over.
Ella Ouellet More than 1 year ago
Please tell everyone not to call me I am hearing impaired, either contact me by texting or by email. thank you

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