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How Much Is A Pool Pump?

Typical Range: $700 - $1,500

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Pool Pump Cost

Pool pump installation costs between $700 and $1,500, or $1,100 on average. A single-speed pump can cost as low as $500 to replace, whereas a high-end pump or a project that requires new plumbing can run upwards of $5,450.

A pool pump filters pool water to keep it fresh and sanitary for swimming. Without a functioning pump, your pool will quickly start to grow algae and have a buildup of debris. A broken pump can also prevent chemicals from working properly. This can lead to potentially harmful interactions with chemicals, or with untreated pool water.

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Average Swimming Pool Pump Prices

Average Cost $1,100
High Cost $5,450
Low Cost $500

Pool Pump Installation Cost

The average pool pump installation ranges from $80 to $350 for just installation, not the pump itself. If you’re putting in a new pool, the pool installation costs will automatically cover pump installation.

Pool Pump Replacement Cost

Pump replacement costs are typically around $300 on average, but depend on the model you choose. For example, if you opt for the same make and model, you’ll probably only pay between $80 and $200 for replacement. Most people go for a different or newer pump version, which costs between $80 to $350 to replace.

One thing to keep in mind is that you might need to consult with a plumber for a pump replacement, depending on the state of your pump and pool. Plumbing rates range from $45 to $200 per hour.

New Pool Pump Cost

The average pool pump costs about $690 but prices depend on the model you choose. Single-speed and low-head pumps cost the least, ranging from $300 to $600. Variable speed and high-head submersible models are on the pricier end between $800 and $1,200. While less common, solar pumps run on solar energy and cost between $500 and $2,000.

Cost to Replace Pool Filter and Pump

You could pay anywhere between $650 to $5,500 to replace a pool filter and pump, though most people won’t pay more than $3,500. Pool filters cost anywhere between $150 and $1,500 to replace.

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Pool Motor Cost

A new pool motor costs $300 on average, with most models ranging from $100 to $500 (materials only). If your pool pump stops working, you might only need to replace the motor instead of the entire system.

Pool Pump Motor Replacement Cost

Including labor and materials, replacing the pool pump motor costs between $250 and $650. This can be a much more affordable option compared to replacing the entire pump, as long as your pump is expected to last for at least a few more years.

Pool pumps last an average of 8 to 15 years. If your motor is on the fritz and your pump is old, it’s probably more cost effective to get a whole new pump, rather than replace the motor and then have to replace the whole unit shortly after.

Pool Pump Prices

Pool pumps typically range from $200 to $1,200 but can run upwards of $5,450.

Make and Model Cost Notes
Hayward Power-Flo LX 115V $250 Above ground
Pentair 340040 SuperFlo High Performance $455 Single speed
Hayward 1 ½ HP Super Inground $645 Single speed
Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed $1,085 Variable speed
Hayward W3SP3206VSP TriStar VS $1,300 Variable speed
Pentair Eq Series Inground $5,445 Best for commercial and high-end residential pools

Variable Speed Pool Pump Cost

Variable speed pump prices span from $800 to $1,200. This type of pump is more expensive than your average pump, but the payoff is that it’s quieter, faster and much more energy-efficient.

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Pool Water Pump System Cost

A new pool water pump system with a timer costs between $750 and $1,550. Timers ensure that your pool doesn’t run constantly and you won’t have to manually turn the pump on and off. If you’re adding a new filter as well, this could bump the total project costs up to $700 to $5,550. Get a project quote from a pool service near you.

DIY Pool Pump Replacement vs. Hiring a Pro

If you’re well-versed in electrical and plumbing work, replacing your own pool pump is a task that’s probably within your wheelhouse. However, an amateur job can lead to even costlier repairs and replacement. Not to mention, if your new pump is not an exact match to your old one, installation will be trickier.

A professional replacement can help your new pool pump last for close to a decade or longer. It’s best to at least talk to an above or inground pool repair service near you to see how much hiring a pro will cost.


What's the cost of a Hayward pool pump?

Hayward pool pumps range from $500 to $1,200. They have a number of single and variable speed models to choose from.

How do you install a pool pump?

To install a pool pump, professionals will do the following:

  1. Cut the power and remove the old pump.
  2. Wire the new pump in and connect the power wires with the motor.
  3. Attach the new pump to the plumbing lines, adding new PVC pipes as needed if the pump fittings are not an exact match.
  4. Turn the electricity back on and check that the pump is working.

How do you install a pool pump timer?

Installing a pool timer first starts with a trip to the circuit breaker. Turn off the power source for the timer. Once the circuit breaker is off, wire the new timer to the electrical source before closing and sealing the box.

Because installing a pool pump timer involves both water and electricity, it’s a good idea to find an electrician who can safely set your timer up.

How much does it cost to run a pool pump?

Running a pool pump costs anywhere from $7 to $30 per month. A variable speed model is one of your best options for cutting back on energy costs. You can also cut the amount of time your pump is running to save on energy bills.

How much does pool equipment cost?

Basic pool equipment prices start at $500 but can run up to $5,450 for a new pump. Here are some of the most common pool equipment costs:

If you’re upgrading your pool equipment, it might be worth renovating the area as a whole. Remodeling a pool costs between $4,800 and $12,240 and adding a hot tub costs $6,000 on average.

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