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How Much Does It Cost To Resurface Or Replaster A Pool?

Typical Range: $1,000 - $100,000

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Pool Resurfacing Costs

The national average cost of resurfacing a pool is $6,500, and ranges from $1,000 to $100,000, including materials and labor. Labor charges vary from $45 to $65 an hour depending on the work involved and the location of the project. Most professionals can complete the project in 5 days for a total of $2,500 per project.

The cost of materials varies from $1,000 to $60,000+ and depends entirely on the preference of the homeowner. From low-cost plaster to high-end glass tiles, there is something for every style and budget.

Average Cost to Resurface a Pool

TypeCost for a 1,00 square foot pool
Gunite (Concrete)$6,500
Vinyl$1,000 - $3,500
the average cost to resurface a pool is $6,500 or $1,000 to $100,000.

The cost to resurface a typical 1,000 square foot pool can be as low as $1,000 for a vinyl liner. Gunite and fiberglass can average up to $6,500, including labor. Depending on what you currently have, resurfacing may require completely replacing the pool surface and base. This costs between $35,000 and $65,000 and is essentially the same as the cost of building a new pool.

The estimates below are based on a pool size of 1,000 square feet and do not address the cost of an above-ground pool repair.

Gunite (Concrete) Pool Resurfacing

Gunite pools cost about $6,500 to resurface. The types of finishes available for concrete pools include:

  • Paint: low cost, many colors. Can be a DIY project for those with experience.
  • Plaster: low cost
  • Aggregate: attractive, textured or smooth option, durable, color options
  • Pebble: attractive, durable, color options
  • Tile: most durable, large price range, many options

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

Fiberglass pools cost, on average, $6,500 to resurface. Except for plaster, all the finishes for gunite can be used for fiberglass as well. The base type does not change the cost of application, so these finishes have the same price points.

  • Paint
  • Aggregate (rough or polished)
  • Pebble
  • Tile

Cost to Refinish a Vinyl-Lined Pool

The cost to replace a vinyl liner typically falls between $1,000 and $3,500, including labor. Patching will run between $100 and $500, for materials only. The price of the liner depends on its thickness and durability. It serves as the structure and finish of the pool surface. A patch repair or replacement is the only way to resurface this model.

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Cost to Resurface or Replaster a Pool by Finish

Pool Resurface Options and Costs
FinishCost (includes labor)*
Aggregate (rough)$6,000
Aggregate (smooth)$7,500

Re-Finishing a Pool with Paint

Your fiberglass or gunite base will cost $1,500 to paint, including labor. While this is option is budget friendly, it will wear down and need repainting frequently. Several common water-resistant paint manufacturers are:

  • National Pool Finishes
  • INSL-X
  • Specialty Pool Products
  • Zinsser by Rust-oleum
  • Olympic by Kelly Technical Coatings

Cost to Re-plaster or Re-Marcite a Pool

Labor and materials to finish a pool with plaster (also called marcite) will cost $5,500. The pros and cons of this finish are:

  • Pro: Least expensive
  • Cons: Cracks, stains, and wears down quickly; rough texture

We do not recommend spot-treating cracks, chips, and bubbling for several reasons. Well-meaning DIY’ers can mix plaster incorrectly or apply it wrong. Also, if you go through the trouble of fixing one or two cracks, more will likely soon follow. Contract a professional to address the issue and avoid more costly repairs later.

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Resurfacing a Pool with Diamond Brite

Diamond Brite brand name pool finishes average $5,000 with labor included. If a smooth finish is desired, this will add additional labor fees. You cannot spot treat aggregate and will need to completely replace surfacing. Diamond Brite finishes tend to last between 8-12 years before it begins to show signs of age. Many installation companies offer warranties of various lengths if they need to replace the finish.

Exposed aggregate finishes by Diamond Brite consist of a polymer-modified cement and colored quartz. The quartz is “exposed,” meaning pieces are visible when it is fully set. Installers create a smooth finish by sanding down these pieces.

Resurface Pool with Pebble Tec, PebbleSheen, or BeadCrete

Pebble Tec, PebbleSheen and BeadCrete brand-name finishes are exposed aggregate coatings that average around $9,000, including labor. Their mixes include suspended pebbles, stone, marbles, or beads. They last longer than Diamond Brite at roughly 20 years. Pebble Tec offers a lifetime warranty with their products.

Resurface a Pool with Tiles

Homeowners can replace the occasional missing pool tiles as a DIY project for around $50. If your pool does not have tile and you are looking to cover the entire surface, expect to pay $30,000 or more. Accent tile (such as pieces applied at the waterline or along steps) is significantly cheaper to replace. Prices depend on:

  • Material per square foot
    • Porcelain: $4
    • Ceramic: $6
    • Glass: $25
  • Area of pool tile: Entire pool vs. waterline only
  • Labor: More tile means more hours of application
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In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pool Restoration Cost Estimates

The cost to restore an in-ground pool is higher than an above-ground model.

  • Above Ground
    • Patching: $10
    • Full Pool Replacement: $1,700
  • In-ground
    • Patching: $20
    • Resurfacing: $5,000

DIY vs. Hiring a Swimming Pool Resurfacing Pro

While repairing a small crack or bubble in plaster may be feasible as a DIY project, it is highly recommended that you hire a pool re-surfacing professional in your area to complete this work. Doing this work alone could take many months, and there are complications that could arise. One of the most common errors is mixing plaster incorrectly or applying it under the wrong conditions.

A crew of professionals can have repair work done in a matter of days and have the specialized knowledge to apply a new pool lining correctly. Additionally, many installation companies will include warranties of various lengths. These agreements can reduce maintenance costs and remove the stress of having to find a repair professional when future problems arise.


How much do pool plaster repairs cost?

Depending on the extent of the plaster repair, a DIY fix can range from $30 to $500. Add $45 to $65 per hour for professional re-plastering.

It is recommended that even for small repairs, the entire pool be re-plastered to prevent future problems and reduce other pool repair costs.

How often should I re-plaster my pool?

Plaster lasts anywhere from 5-10 years. Signs that you need to re-plaster include:

  • cracks
  • blemishes
  • discoloration
  • algae
  • chalky residue

How do I calculate how much pool plaster I need?

Many products will list on the label how much surface area they will cover to help you calculate how much plaster you need. If spot-treating, measure a foot or two out from the crack to ensure a complete seal.

How much does in-ground pool restoration cost across the US? Pool restoration and re-surfacing costs vary across the country because of local material costs and demand for labor. The further north you go in the US, the fewer pools and professionals you will find. Unfortunately, this means you will pay more for this type of work.

Pool Resurfacing Costs in Cities Across the US
CityCost for a 1,000 square-foot model
Phoenix, AZ$4,800
Miami, FL$5,000
Las Vegas, NV$5,000
Dallas, TX$5,300
Houston, TX$5,400
Orlando, FL$5,500
Los Angeles, CA$7,000

How much does it cost to re-surface a pool deck?

Resurfacing concrete costs an average of $10 per square foot. There are many options available to refinish your concrete deck, including:

  • Single color stain:$4 per square foot
  • Decorative overlay (multiple colors, polishing, and saw cuts): $10 per square foot
  • Stamped (embeds, dividers, stencils, epoxy terrazzo): $15 per square foot

What other pool remodeling options do I have?

Aside from the many options available for resurfacing your pool, there are also many other remodeling possibilities.

All of these, as well as other changes contribute to the overall cost of remodeling your pool area. If your pool has become dangerous for children or pets, or if you cannot afford the cost to maintain your pool, you may want to get rid of it entirely. While there is still a cost to fill an existing pool, it may be the best choice you can make as a homeowner.

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