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How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Swimming Pool?

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The family swimming pool is often the centerpiece of most backyards. Over time, however, the family can outgrow the pool, or it may need extensive repairs. Instead of tearing down the pool and building a brand new one, remodeling it may be an option. Homeowners who wish to remodel their swimming pool rather than replace it may find that there is a lot of planning and work involved in the entire process. For larger pools, or pool expansions, it is important to hire a professional swimming pool designer and contractor to take the reins of the project. Here are few things that homeowners should consider if they want to redo their swimming pool.

Pool Deck Tile

Let's face it: concrete pool decks have all the good looks of a city sidewalk. Pool deck tile is one way to cover up the concrete and give your backyard a polished, sophisticated look and feel, without the cost of building a deck.

Pool deck tiles are interlocking tiles which can be laid down on top of concrete, pea gravel, or any other hard-packed surface. They can be laid down on bare earth, as well, as long as there are no bumps in the ground, and a weed-control mat is put down first.

Pool deck tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns, hardwood patterns are the most popular. Usually the wood is affixed to a polymer base for stiffness and durability. In order to accommodate the curvature of a round pool, the square tiles can be measured and cut with a jigsaw.

Pool Deck Paint

Another popular option for dressing up a concrete pool deck is Pool Deck Paint. Many paint manufacturers offer paints that are recommended for pool decks. Some of the main advantages of pool deck paint are:

  • UV Protection: Pool deck paint protects your deck from the harsh rays of the sun, and the damage that it can cause over the years.
  • Weather Protection: Rain and harsh temperatures can be tough on decks of any kind. Painting the surface will keep the elements away.
  • Looks: Pool deck paint comes in a variety of colors, so it can be customized to match your home and décor.
  • Non-slip surface: If you have children running around, it is a good idea to select a pool deck paint that boasts non-skid properties. Otherwise, you can mix the paint with sand or pumice before applying.

Most pool deck paints are acrylic, and clean up in water.

Both of these solutions are cost-effective and durable, and are not too difficult for your average do-it-yourselfer. For those looking for a really clean look, professionals can do this job quickly and easily. Either way, pool deck tile or pool deck paint will keep your pool deck looking beautiful for years to come.

Labor Costs

When homeowners are thinking about remodeling their outdoor pool area, one of the first things to consider is how much it is going to cost to hire a contractor or pool professional. When determining labor costs, there are several things to keep in mind.

If an inground pool has a leak or crack, it may need to be resurfaced. This may require additional excavating services that will have to be incorporated into the cost of the labor. An entirely new or remodeled pool will require considerable labor costs as opposed to just replacing a liner or fixing cracks or breaks. An entire team of swimming pool professionals will need to be assigned to the project, and this can add hundreds of dollars to the overall work order.

If the pool is inground or above ground and has a liner, the cost of the liner as well as any pool additions or features such as a waterfall, table or stairs will have to be added to the final cost estimate. Additional labor will likely have to be budgeted in as well. Oftentimes, landscaping is part of the overall remodel project. The cost of landscaping the area and preparing the ground for plants and trees will be a bottom-line factor of the final work order cost.

Materials and Cost

The materials needed to remodel a swimming pool can vary greatly based on the homeowner's vision. Many times for an inground pool, it is a simple pool resurface that uses the existing structure and replaces old and worn out tiles and patio features with new, updated pieces. Repairing may involve patching a hole or replacing broken or loose trim. Resurfacing the tile may be an option. Tile is re-grouted, polished and repaired if needed. This gives the pool an instant facelift.

In an above ground pool, a remodel material would be replacing an old liner with a new one. An outdated liner may have color fading and be at high risk for tears and rips.

Additional remodel materials may require using natural stone to create a new surface area around the pool or to create a fountain or other centerpiece. Many homeowners switch from standard concrete patios to travertine patios and paver bricks. This allows for a more natural and updated appearance that increases the home's overall value. Stone prices can be expensive as travertine and marble are some of the more pricey options.


The main advantage to a pool remodel is to revamp the look of the pool and backyard area without having to replace the existing pool. While this can't be done with all pools, most homeowner want to keep the project as cost effective as possible.

Pool remodels can save the homeowner thousands of dollars. Because there are so many options with accessories and faux stone, the homeowner can cut costs if they choose to use synthetic materials with their remodel project.


The biggest disadvantage of a pool remodel is that it can be labor intensive. It is imperative to hire professionals who are qualified. Because a remodel often means working with an existing structure, it is important for a contractor to identify if a liner or pool wall can be reused. It is also important for them to note any problem with the mechanics of the pool and the surrounding structure. With remodels, if one part of the project fails, the entire project is back at square one. This can be a costly expense, but it can be avoided by hiring a licensed contractor with an excellent track record with pool building and patio landscapes.


Pool remodels are recommended on new pools and structures that are in good to excellent condition. When remodeling turns into replacement, it can cause costs to skyrocket. It is important for contractors to ask homeowners what they want out of their remodeling project.

Replacing the liner can change the overall look of the entire backyard. New styles and designs can alter the appearance and the color of the pool area. This makes it more attractive and gives it modern appeal. A new hot tub or built-in swim bar can turn an ordinary space into a party space. A patio or waterfall near the pool improves the look of the area and increases backyard appeal.

Cost is always something to consider with a pool remodel. Homeowners should create a number that is within their budget and call around to find a contractor or company who will help create a new backyard space.

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