Glass Chandeliers and Chandelier Lighting

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Updated October 20, 2016

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Few things exude elegance like a chandelier. The ambiance created by chandelier lighting is often soft, but compelling at the same time; it is a look that is difficult to emulate. There are a vast number of designs on the market, and those homeowners looking to buy one will be impressed at the wide variety available.

Glass Chandeliers

There are basically two types of glass chandeliers. The first looks very much like the image that pops into your head when you think the word “chandelier.” This variety draws on old European design, but replaces with glass the components that were traditionally made of crystal. This type of glass chandelier is classically appealing, but less expensive than its crystal counterpart.

Blown glass chandeliers are altogether different from traditional designs. While the art of blown glass is very old, blown glass chandeliers tend to look contemporary, if not super modern. Constructed entirely of hollow glass, they are lit from the inside, so that the whole piece lights up producing a delicate glow.

This type of chandelier lighting is very different than the conventional, candleholder style, and the pieces look completely different, as well. Don’t expect to save money buying a blown glass chandelier. Blowing glass is a process that is done by hand; the pieces take a long time to create, and the price will definitely reflect this.

Chandelier Lighting and Chandelier Shades

With a blown glass chandelier, your lighting is limited to changing the brightness of the bulb. Other than that, it would be difficult to impossible to change the quality of light they produce without it looking awkward. Traditional style chandeliers, on the other hand, can easily be dimmed by changing the bulb or by adding a shade. A chandelier shade is like a mini lampshade that goes over each individual candle lamp. This allows for a lot more variation in the appearance, as chandelier shades are available in many different shapes, designs, and patterns.

Chandelier shades can look classic or modern, ornate or simple. The shades themselves can be adorned with hanging glass, crystal, or beads. The possible combinations of chandelier and shade are nearly limitless.

In addition to accenting a chandelier, these shades can also be put on wall sconces or any small lamp. This is a nice change in many settings. For many people’s taste, candlestick light fixtures can look unappealing on their own. On wall sconces, that are often closer to eye level than a chandelier, the shades provide a stylish alternative to a bare bulb. The case sometimes arises that the small, candle shaped bulbs in sconces or chandeliers become mismatched. Shades can mask this inconsistency, and provide a look that is suited to your tastes at the same time.

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