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*Includes standard 10% waste.

This concrete step calculator estimates how much material you need to build a set of steps. Start by finding out the volume of each individual step. Then, add these up to figure out how much concrete you need for your entire project. If you know the price of concrete per cubic yard, this calculator helps you estimate the cost of your materials.

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When measuring concrete for steps, divide each step into its own rectangle. You’ll notice that each rectangle gets larger than the previous one. This is the list of measurements to take:

  • Width
  • Step rise
  • Step run
  • Platform depth
  • Platform rise

How to Calculate Volume Per Step

With that information, use the following formula to calculate the volume of each step:

Volume = step rise (in inches) x step run (in inches) x width

Once you have each step’s volume, add them all up for your total volume in inches.

The following is a sample calculation for a set of 4 steps and a platform. The measurements are:

  • Width = 44 inches
  • Step rise = 7 inches
  • Step run = 11 inches
  • Platform depth = 21 inches
  • Platform rise = 35 inches

These are each step’s volume calculations:

Step 1 – 7 x 11 x 44 = 3,388 cu. in.

Step 2 – 14 x 11 x 44 = 6,776 cu. in.

Step 3 – 21 x 11 x 44 = 10,164 cu. in.

Step 4 – 28 x 11 x 44 = 13,552 cu. in.

Platform – 35 x 21 x 44 = 32,340 cu. in.

Based on these numbers, total volume is 66,220 cubic inches

Conversion to Cubic Yards

Since concrete sells by the cubic yard, you need to divide your volume in inches by 46,656. This tells you how many cubic yards of concrete you need for your set of steps.

For 4 steps and a platform with a total volume of 66,220 inches you need at least 1.42 cubic yards of concrete.


Concrete calculations vary for several reasons:

  • Measurements are not exact
  • Settlement may cause you to need more material
  • Entrained air adds little bubbles that create a change in volume

This is why it’s a good idea to account for an extra 10% to the results of your concrete steps calculator. For the example above, that brings the total amount of concrete needed up to 1.56 cubic yards. Rounding also helps because concrete comes in half-yard increments.

Once you know the cost of your raw materials, find a contractor near you to make your project a reality.

Repairing or installing concrete steps ranges between $900 and $5,000. These projects help keep your deck or raised patio looking great and maintain the value of your home.


How deep is a step?

On average, steps in the US have a 7-inch rise and an 11-inch run.

What is the best angle for stairs?

The most convenient incline for a staircase is between 23 and 37 degrees.

What are outdoor stairs made of?

Concrete is the most durable and popular materials for outdoor steps. Other common materials are metal, wood and stone.

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