Infinity Pools Are Infinitely Better

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Updated June 16, 2017

Infinity pool

Infinity pools, also known as negative edge pools, are pools built so that the edge of the water blends into the horizon. No edges or walls can be seen on the “negative edge” as the water spills over a ledge down into a catch basin, which then pumps the water back up into the pool. The result is an eye catching, beautiful pool that blends seamlessly into the views beyond.

Why Choose an Infinity Pool?

The most obvious reason to go this route when installing a new pool, or remodeling your existing pool, is simply appearance. These pools are without a doubt the most eye-popping product in the business. Furthermore, because they are custom jobs, they offer you the option to choose the most exotic materials and designs that exist. They can be built of everything from polished stone tile to natural stone, and the addition of spas and other luxuries will make it a place you’ll love to pass the time. Only your budget and imagination limit the possibilities.

While negative edge pools can be installed anywhere, they are especially suited to properties with great views. Imagine relaxing in the water or at pool side with the water of your pool blending seamlessly into the mountain vista or oceanside view. Add to that the relaxing white noise of cascading water, and you get the idea. These pools are ideally suited for such settings. Not to mention, you’ll get the satisfaction of having every guest that comes through your house marvel at the beautiful spectacle sitting outside your back door.

A Word of Counsel

Regardless of your surroundings, it’s important to think carefully about where you choose to place your pool. These aren’t your average pools, and because of the negative edge, whatever lies beyond the water line will be the focus of your pool area. Sprawling mountains or sea side views are one thing, having your pool draw attention to the neighbors cluttered backyard or your privacy fence is another thing altogether!

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Infinity pools were relatively uncommon, almost non-existent, just 20 years ago in the United States. However, their unrivaled aesthetic appeal has vaulted them into the forefront of custom pool styles being built today. The pool building industry has seen a boom in contractors who specialize exclusively in this type of pool construction as a result. Because of the level of expertise required in construction, the common incorporation of stunning hardscape and landscape features, and because of the many design considerations that are part and parcel to this type of build, it’s important that you seek out a contractor who has built up a wealth of experience with negative edge pool construction and who can counsel you effectively in creating and installing the pool of your dreams.

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