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by Matt Goering

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Baltimore is a city known for its level headedness and perseverance. Even past sports icons like Iron Man Cal Ripken, Jr., Johnny U, and the 2000 Super Bowl Champion Ravens, seem to fit the hardworking, blue-collar mentality that defines Monument City. Why should your choice of countertops be any different? Laminate counters in Baltimore are known as a cost-effective and durable countertop solution: the perfect fit for homeowners who are more concerned with getting a great product than bragging about high price tags.

The Cost of Baltimore Laminate Counters
Since we're on the subject, let's start by looking at what laminate counter tops in Baltimore are likely to cost you. The price of laminate countertops varies widely, depending on the style you choose, whether you opt for extras like beveled or rounded edges, and the overall quality of the product line. That being said, you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $10 to $20 per square foot for laminate, installation included. How does that play out compared to other popular countertop materials? Butcher block countertops run almost three times that amount, engineered stone will cost you four times as much, and for granite, expect to pay about five times what you would for an equivalent high-end laminate installation. Benefits of Baltimore Laminate Counters
Besides the cost effectiveness of Baltimore laminate counter tops, there are many other reasons you owe it to yourself to give this countertop material a closer look.

  • Selection—No other countertop material on the market offers you more design choices than laminate counters in Baltimore. The surface appearance of laminate counters is achieved through a high-resolution image glued to a laminate base, and covered with a tough melamine resin. That means anything goes when it comes to looks, including imitation stone, wood, or metal, abstract designs, and even "themed" countertops such as baseballs, jelly beans, or other custom images.

  • Customization—If you have a little extra to spend, laminate countertops allow you to add beveled or rounded edges, seamless backsplashes, decorative edging, and solid surface inserts of stone or wood. You can go all out with laminate countertops in Baltimore and you'll still be spending a fraction of what you would for most other countertop materials.

  • Cleanliness & Food Safety—Because Baltimore laminate counter tops have a smooth, uniform, seamless surface, they are much easier to clean, and safer, than ceramic and stone tile or wood countertops that can harbor potentially harmful food borne bacteria.

  • Staying in Style—That high-resolution image mentioned above means that Baltimore laminate countertops are always in step with the most current kitchen and bath design trends. And since laminate counters are easier, and cheaper, to remove and install, you won't have to lose sleep down the road if you're ready for a new look in the kitchen or bath.

    Baltimore Laminate Counters and Durability
    In fact, about the only area you'll hear people question Baltimore laminate counter tops is in the durability department. In the interest of full disclosure, laminate counters are not as tough, or long lasting, as engineered stone, concrete, or solid slab natural stone. Cut directly on the surface, and you'll leave a mark, and if you set a hot pot or pan on a laminate countertop, you'll leave a burn mark. On the other hand, if you protect your laminate counters in Baltimore with hot pads, cutting boards, and other common sense measures (all of which are recommended for the "indestructible" materials mentioned above, by the way), your laminate counters will last as long as you choose to keep them around.

    If laminate counter tops in Baltimore sound like they might be what you've been searching for, talk to a contractor who is experienced in their installation about what it's going to take to install and enjoy laminate counters in your Baltimore-area home.

    Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.