Domestic Cleaning Services

by Marcus Pickett

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As much as you love a beautiful, well-kept home, constantly fighting the dirt, dust, and grime that builds on your floors, walls, and furniture can be a real drag. If you have children or simply have a hectic life, hiring someone to come in and clean your home can allow you to enjoy your time away from work. When your children are at school, you may not need childcare services, but this doesn't mean you can't benefit from hiring a domestic cleaning service. Instead of being irritated with your children because you have so many household chores, you can come home from work and actually enjoy your children. While it may sound lazy to some hardworking individuals, if you're making a decent wage, hiring someone to clean your home can simply be the most efficient use of your time and money.

The Rise of Commercial Domestic Services
More and more, domestic cleaning services are controlled by commercial companies that systemize the tasks rather than individual people offering their services. It's difficult to judge whether the cost of domestic cleaning services has risen or fallen, as individual or even live-in maids are often paid with different scales and incentives, and the services they offer are usually more comprehensive than the services contracted through a commercial company.

The benefits of hiring a commercial domestic cleaning company include foregoing an extended interview process and having an entity to guarantee professional work performance. Commercial domestic services also frequently have cleaning equipment, such as pressure washers and steam cleaners, not available to the traditional maid service. The downside of commercial domestic services is that the maids and workers have less connection to your home and may not offer the same personal touch.

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What Domestic Cleaning Services may Include
Domestic cleaning services may include virtually anything in your home. Dusting, vacuuming, dishes, laundry, windows, trash, walls, or even outdoor patios and furniture cleaning can all be contracted through most domestic service companies. Which cleaning services you need will most likely determine how frequently you'll have the domestic service company come to your home and for how long. Don't try to stretch your money or hire the cheapest cleaning services available. Chances are you'll be more pleased with the outcome if you pay a company just to clean your kitchen and bathroom and clean it well than to have a company come in and superficially clean your entire home.

Hiring a Domestic Cleaning Service
Hiring a domestic cleaning service may not be as daunting as hiring a single, independent maid to come into your home, but the reality is you don't really know the people who will be doing the job, either. We have run background checks on all the contractors we match you with and provide a quality-control ratings system to allow you to find a reputable company in your area. These companies can usually be hired by the hour or by the task. Paying the company by the hour is often the preferred method to ensure workers aren't flying through the cleaning tasks they've been assigned.

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