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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Whole House Air Cleaner?

Typical Range: $489 - $3,961

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Most people around the country spend $500 to $4,120 to install a whole-house air purifier. The national average is $2,230. On the high end, some people spend $10,000 for purifiers with hospital-grade purification.

Home air purifiers remove dust, allergens and harmful particles from your home using special filters to improve indoor air quality. While the most effective models attach to your existing HVAC system, others are standalone units designed to connect to your existing ductwork from your home's basement, attic or closet. Professional installation is important when adding an air cleaner to your home because units go between your home's air duct and the intake.

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National Average $2,133
Typical Range $489 - $3,961
Low End - High End $79 - $9,800

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Whole-House Air Cleaner Prices

The biggest cost of air cleaner installation is the actual filtering unit. It can be helpful to talk with a local HVAC pro to determine the right model size and type based on:

  • Home size
  • Existing HVAC setup
  • Budget
  • Performance expectations
  • Efficiency
  • Specific allergy concerns
  • Pets in your home
  • What your HVAC system/ducts can accommodate

Whole-House Air Cleaner Installation Cost

You'll need to hire an HVAC pro to have your new whole-house air purifier professionally installed. You can expect to pay between $40 and $100 per hour for labor.

Whole-House Air Cleaner Cost by Type

Air cleaners have Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERVs) from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) that rate a filter's ability to capture particles between 0.3 and 10 microns using a scale of 1 to 16. Systems with higher MERVs tend to be more expensive because they are better at trapping specific particle types.

Flat Filter

The budget option, installing fiberglass flat filters to capture dust can cost under $100.

Extended Media Filter

Capable of trapping the finest particles, this option can cost between $400 and $700.

Electronic Filter

If you're ready to pay more for better performance, electronic filters capture small particles 30 times better than flat filters. Most electronic filters cost between $600 and $2,000.

UV Light Filter

If you want hospital-grade clean air in your home, a filter that is capable of capturing bacteria and virus particles will set you back between $800 and $3,000.

HEPA Filter

If you're willing to pay between $2,000 and $4,000, HEPA air purifiers are best for capturing a wide variety of particles and irritants like pollen, mold spores, dander, debris, and tobacco smoke.

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Whole-House Air Cleaner Cost Factors

Homeowners have all the control when it comes to choosing the model of air cleaner they want. However, labor costs can come down to factors like home size and duct accessibility.

If you don't have an existing HVAC system that a box can be attached to, having a standalone unit paired with your ductwork can be a more time-consuming project with higher labor costs.

DIY vs. Hire a Whole-House Air Cleaner Pro

Due to the complexity of this project, installing a house air purifier should only be done by a licensed HVAC pro. Licensed professionals can make recommendations for safety and efficiency while doing all installation work to code.


What do whole-house air cleaners remove from the air?

Depending on the model you purchase, whole-house air purifiers can remove dust, mold, pet dander, pollen, smoke odors, cooking odors, general odors, viruses, and bacteria from your home's air for better indoor air quality.

What's the best whole-house air cleaner?

If you're looking for a budget option to clear dust from your home, a flat-filter system might be enough. However, upgrading to an electronic filter gives you the most bang for your buck in terms of removing the greatest number of particles without the high cost of UV or HEPA filters.

Can you get a whole-house air cleaner system if you don't have an HVAC system?

While you generally can still get a house air purifier if you don't have an existing HVAC system, you'll need to have an HVAC pro take a look to see if this is a possibility at your home. Your filter system will need to connect to your ducts.

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