Houston Cedar Shake Siding

by Marcus Pickett

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You might like the idea of wood siding for your home, but once you start looking into it, you'll probably realize there's no way for wood to withstand the amount of rain Houston gets every year. The one exception is cedar. Cedar has a natural resistance to the rot that is nearly inevitable when other woods stay wet for prolonged periods of time. Installing Houston cedar siding is a viable home improvement project. Along with durability, cedar provides an immense amount of energy-efficiency and sound insulation.

Cedar Shake Siding: Houston, TX
In Houston, cedar shake siding is the preferred siding material for those who want the look of wood. Shake is made from real wood and involves splitting logs into manageable pieces instead of sawing it on all sides. It produces a slightly different texture that many homeowners like.

Other types of cedar siding for Houston homes include beveled and panelized siding. Cedar can also be treated to provide an extra layer of protection and create interesting effects. Most protective coatings of this kind will need to be reapplied every few years, but will almost certainly extend the lifetime of your Houston cedar siding. Various stains and paints will provide a vibrant punch while maintaining the unique texture of the cedar wood. Cedar resists water absorption, but it's not impervious. To reduce the drying time after rain and help preserve your cedar, keep the sides of your home relatively free of overgrown trees and plants.

Vinyl Cedar Siding: Houston, TX
Cedar vinyl siding is, as you might expect, not really cedar at all. This siding is made from vinyl and has a cedar wood finish that can often be mistaken for the real thing. Vinyl is all but maintenance-free and should be cheaper and easier to install than real wood. If you're not absolutely set on wood siding, you should at least consider and receive bids on vinyl cedar siding as well as the real thing. You might decide that the touch, aroma, and rich texture of real cedar siding is worth the extra cost, but at the very least be aware that this alternative material exists.

Cost of Houston Cedar Siding Installation
It's difficult to say just how much a cedar siding installation is going to cost. It depends not only on the size of your home but also the design, quality, and treatments of your cedar. Naturally, if you're going to make Houston cedar siding work, you'll need to select premium grade wood. Still, you may be pleasantly surprised to find cedar siding isn't much more expensive than its vinyl counterpart. It's not uncommon to see cedar siding installations for well under $10,000. Some of the cheaper projects can go as low as $5,000. It never hurts to get bids from Houston cedar siding contractors and talk to them about the quality, exact performance, and any warranties they may have on their siding products. Keep in mind, though, that part of the cost of installing cedar isn't just the initial installation but the cost of future maintenance.

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Project Length of Houston Cedar Siding Installation
Siding installations tend to be labor intensive as it is and one of the reasons cedar siding costs so much has little to do with the price of the lumber. A quality cedar siding installation in Houston, or anywhere else for that matter, can take up to a week or more to complete. Combine this with the fact that weather may very well delay the project, and you?ll see why it's not uncommon for cedar siding to take the better part of a month to get up and running. Since siding installation involves consistent pounding of nails that cause noise and vibrations within the home, most homeowners arrange to have their Houston cedar siding contractors work on the project while they're not there. You'll still want to inspect the work as it progresses, but if you can figure out a schedule with your contractor, it shouldn't pose a huge inconvenience during the week or weeks of installation.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.