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by Jon Nunan

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Installing fencing is a popular home improvement project for good reason. Not only can a fence enhance the exterior look of your property, it can provide security and privacy, as well. Families with pets or small children may want to install a fence to keep them in the yard and away from the danger of passing cars. Whatever you want your fence to do, it's always important to examine your options before you hire a contractor to make sure you're getting the best fencing for your needs at the best possible price.

Benefits of a Vinyl Fence in San Diego
Southern California residents are lucky in that they can install pretty much any kind of fence without worry of it deteriorating before its time. Materials such as wood and iron, while terrible choices in some environments, tend to do fairly well in the mild climate of San Diego. Vinyl fences are highly recommended in places that receive a lot of rainfall, or in areas where seasonal temperature changes are dramatic. The fact is, however, that a San Diego vinyl fence is still preferable in certain aspects to other materials.

Even though So Cal weather isn't harsh by any means, no area in the country is completely without factors that can age your fence prematurely. Wood fences, in any environment, will be vulnerable to insects. With a vinyl fence, there is no such concern as bugs won't find it a suitable home or food source. Probably the biggest benefit of installing a vinyl fence in San Diego is that it will be extremely low-maintenance. No matter what kind of wood a fence is made of, it will need to be painted or sealed several times during its life. A vinyl fence never needs to be painted or sealed, and because they are so incredibly durable, the likelihood of major repairs is greatly decreased. Unless you drive a car into it, it is very possible that a properly installed vinyl fence may never need any major repairs.

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Drawbacks of San Diego Vinyl Fencing
With any material, there is bound to be a downside. For a San Diego vinyl fence, one of the biggest is that it can fade over time. Fading is an especially big problem for vinyl fences made many years ago, or ones of lower quality. A high-end vinyl fence that was manufactured recently will have fewer fading issues (though the San Diego sun will certainly not make the battle an easy one).

Another problem that some people have with vinyl fencing is that, though it does a pretty good job, it has never quite perfected the look of real wood. With wood's long history and the iconic nature of wooden picket fences in America, some may find that the extra maintenance and other drawbacks of this natural material are worth the effort.

Pricing of San Diego Vinyl Fences
Since properties vary so much in size, it's very difficult to say how much a fence (of any material) will cost without seeing where it will be installed. To install a vinyl fence, San Diego residents will have to pay more per foot than they would for most wood fencing, twice as much as they would for chain link, and less per foot than they would for wrought iron. The best advice for getting the best price on a vinyl fence is to talk to several different contractors and get several different estimates. Remember, however, it's often worth a little extra for installation to work with a reputable and customer-friendly company.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.