How Much Does it Cost to Clean Upholstery?

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Over time, your once -beautiful furniture can get dirty and dingy. Nothing does more to make your furniture look as good as new, than a great cleaning. You may worry that you cannot afford the cost of professionally cleaning your furniture. Here are a few cost factors that can influence the price of upholstery and furniture cleaning.


It may seem obvious, but the bigger the piece of furniture, the more of it there is to clean, and the more expensive it will be. For larger pieces of furniture, a couch for example, you may want to make an assessment as to whether or not the entire piece needs cleaning. If only the cushions are showing signs of dirt you may want to have those cleaned alone to save money. However, if your furniture is especially dirty, cleaning only one part can leave the rest looking like the colors do not match. The only way to ensure even cleaning is to have the entire piece cleaned at one time.


Most normally soiled furniture needs only one upholstery cleaning to make it look clean and new, however if you have pets, especially ones that shed a lot or ones that are not house broken, your furniture may require deep cleaning or multiple cleanings to get it looking and smelling fresh. To guard against this, you may consider not allowing your pets on the furniture. This will keep it not only cleaner, but newer looking for much longer

How many pieces to clean

If you have many pieces of furniture to be cleaned at one time your upholstery cleaner may offer you a better rate. It may be financially smarter to everything cleaned at once.

Do you need carpet cleaning?

A number of companies and professionals that clean upholstery also clean carpets. If you need your carpets cleaned in addition to your upholstery, you may consider doing all of this at one time. Many pros have packages or group discounts on multiple items and carpets. You save money immediately if they are only making one trip! Talk to your pro about the different package discounts they may offer.


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