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How Much Does Furniture Repair Cost?

Typical Range: $107 - $260

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Furniture Repair Costs

Furniture repair costs between $107 and $260, or $175 on average. Expect to pay woodworkers $25 to $30 per hour plus materials for wood furniture repairs. Repairing upholstered furniture, like sofas and recliners, costs much more at $40 to $55 per yard for labor and $25 to $70 per yard for fabric.

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National Average $175
Typical Range $107 - $260
Low End - High End $50 - $452

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Chair Caning Repair Cost

Replacing the caning on the seat of a chair costs $350 on average. Chair caning experts charge $2 per hole for their services, so the price may vary for different chair styles. The per hole rate covers labor and the $50 in materials needed for this project.

Couch Repair Cost

Basic couch repairs cost up to $450 for broken legs, springs and slightly damaged upholstery. The repairs can reach well over$1,875 if the couch needs reupholstering services to fully fix the damage. You can DIY patch small tears in the sofa cover with iron-on fabric for $2 to $5 per yard. Full couch reupholstery costs $40 to $55 per yard for labor and $25 to $70 per yard for fabric.

Sofa Spring Repair Cost

A broken soft spring repair costs at least $20 per set of four springs if you can get to the part and replace it yourself. Otherwise, expect to pay $975 to $1,875 for spring repair and reupholstery services.

Couch Frame Repair Cost

Broken couch frame repair costs $480 to $1,000 plus $975 or more for the cost of reupholstery services. Replacement couches are $650 to $2,500, so it might make more sense to replace it instead.

Leather Sofa Repair Cost

Leather soft repair costs up to $4,000 for the reupholstery services and minor repair of broken springs and legs. As a part of the leather furniture reupholstery costs, expect to pay $30 to $60 per yard for fabric alone. Damage to the frame may add up to$1,000 to the price.

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Wood Furniture Repair Cost

Repairing wood furniture typically costs $110 to $260. Wood furniture repair pros near you may charge $25 to $30 per hour plus materials for their services. You can often repair small scratches with a $5 to $20 repair kit.

Recliner Repair Cost

Expect to pay $200 to $350 for recliner repairs, like fixing bent reclining mechanisms and replacing broken springs. For padding and upholstery problems, the same standard rates listed for sofas apply also to recliners.

Dining Tables

Dining table repairs are $50 to $450. Repairing a few gouges on the surface may only cost $50, while replacing all the legs can reach $450. Table legs are around $100 to $300 and labor adds $25 to $30 per hour.

You might be able to to find pre-made matching table legs if you have a popular, mass produced table. But if your table is older or is an uncommon style, you may need to find a woodworker to create a replacement leg at around $25 to $30 per hour. Additional costs include the price of the wood itself and any furniture refinishing services it needs.

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DIY Furniture Repair vs. Hire a Pro

Unless you have the tools and experience, any time furniture repairs demand removing and replacing the upholstery, you can get the best results by hiring a furniture repair pro near you. The same goes for the repair of high-cost materials, like leather, or when woodworking skills come into play.

You may comfortably handle minor repairs, like removing scratches from the wood arms on your couch or screwing new legs onto your dining room table. Just read the instructions on the repair kit and follow them exactly as written to get the desired results. And if your efforts fall flat, then just call in a professional to help you out.


Should I repair or replace my furniture?

When trying to decide whether to replace or repair a specific piece of furniture, you must consider several factors. You must gauge the value of the furniture, not only in monetary terms, but according to sentimental value as well. 

For instance, Grandma’s rocking chair may not be all that expensive to replace, but it may have extraordinary value to you if she used it to rock generations of your family to sleep over the years. If you have no sentimental attachment to the piece, simply compare the cost of repair with the average replacement price.

How much does reupholstery cost?

Reupholstering furniture costs $660 on average. Small chair reupholstery costs around $50 and large pieces, like couches, may run up to $1,875. Leather sofa upholstery is even more at up to $4,000.

How much does it cost to refinish furniture?

The average price to refinish furniture is $595. The total depends on the type of furniture you are having refinished, such as:

  • Wooden kitchen chair: $225-$375
  • End table: $250-$350
  • Rocking chair: $350-$500
  • Dining room table: $1,200-$3200
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