How Much Does it Cost to Repair Furniture?

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In the course of owning a home it is practically guaranteed that your furniture will, at some point, need repair. What is the cost of repairing furniture? That will vary greatly from piece to piece, but here are a few factors that will affect the cost of your furniture repair

Is the repair structural or cosmetic?

There is a very big difference in price between repairing something that looks bad and repairing something that does not work until it is fixed. If a chair or couch leg is broken you cannot sit on it until the repair is complete. If a table top has come disconnected from its stand it will not function as a table until it has been reconnected. But if the top of the table or the legs of the chair have been scraped and clawed by your cat for many years, repairing them will make them look better, but not function better.
In most situations you can assume that structural or functional repairs will be more expensive than cosmetic repairs. In addition, any structural repair that involves the need to re-fabricate a part of the furniture will be more expensive. And example of this might be that, not only has a chair leg become disconnected from the body of the chair, it has also split and needs to be remade.

Does the repair involve upholstery or re-upholstery?

When your furniture requires upholstery repairs it most often involves having to remove the old upholstery and padding and reupholster the entire piece. This can add a large expense to the repair of the piece especially if it also involves structural repairs. Often the removal of old upholstery is required for a piece that may need structural repair as well to be able to access the framework of the furniture.

Does the repair involve refinishing?

Often a piece of furniture that is damaged will need to be refinished after it is repaired. If the only repair needed is refinishing then the cost of repair will be moderate. Refinishing required in addition to repair will add to the repair costs. However, in these cases refinishing the furniture may a process you can do at a later date, after the repair is completed.

Repair or Replace?

How can you decide if a repair is worth it, or if you should replace the piece altogether? First it is best to gauge the value of the furniture. If the piece is an antique or a designer piece with actual market value it is most likely worth repairing. But if it is a family heirloom, or a piece with sentimental value, the repair may be financially worth it simply because it is emotionally worth it to you. If the cost of repairing it is greater than what you paid for it, or greater than the cost of replacement and the furniture does not have other value to you, then it likely makes more sense to look for a new one.


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