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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Whole House Air Cleaner?

Typical Range: $148 - $572

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Whole house air cleaners are appliances that are intended to remove particulates and air pollution from the air in a home. These systems are designed to help eliminate unwanted dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mold, mildew, tobacco smoke, or foul odors from the home's air. A central air cleaner may need occasional repair in order for it to continue cleansing the air and providing a healthy indoor environment. The average cost to repair whole house air cleaners depends on the extent of the problem with the system.

Reasons to Repair a Whole House Air Cleaner

These whole house air cleaners may be recommended for homes in which someone with allergies or asthma resides as they can help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms. Because cleaners also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone, they also help to make the air fresher and cleaner for everyone to breathe. Elimination of these indoor air pollutants reduces the health burden on the lungs and may lessen the symptoms of people suffering from chronic breathing disorders such as COPD and emphysema. Central air purifiers outfitted with ultraviolet (UV) lights also kill bacteria and viruses that may cause illness. This is especially important to vulnerable members of the household such as babies, the elderly, and anyone who is immune-compromised. Whole house air cleaners also increase the energy efficiency of the home's air conditioner, helping to create a more comfortable indoor environment while at the same time lowering cooling costs.

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National Average $360
Typical Range $148 - $572
Low End - High End $65 - $1,605

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Common Problems of Whole House Air Cleaners

There are many mechanical and electrical components to air cleaners. Some of the most common problems that these appliances experience include no power going to the unit, reduced air flow, plates in need of cleaning, and clicking or snapping noises. A loss of power to the unit suggests an electrical problem or a blown motor. Replacing the system's motor costs an average of $550 for parts plus $44 per hour of labor. Reduced air flow signifies a dirty air filter. This type of repair costs an average of $50 for a house call fee plus the cost of the air filter. Air filters range in price from $25 to over $100, depending on the MERV (minimum efficiency reported value) of the filter and whether or not it is HEPA-rated. Air filters in the unit should be replaced approximately every three months to avoid overheating the motor and reducing the system's performance. When the whole house air filter's plates need cleaning, this is often performed as part of a routine maintenance call, which averages $119 for the visit. If the unit is making clicking or snapping noises, it may need to have a belt or gear tightened or replaced. The cost of this repair averages $50 for the house call fee plus $44 per hour of labor and the cost of the air cleaner replacement parts.

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