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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Humidifier?

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While you never want your home to have too much moisture, having it be too dry can be just as problematic. It can cause dry, itchy skin, nasal irritation and static electricity. A humidifier could be the answer to your dry air, but it can be tough to predict what the cost to install a humidifier will be and if it's worth the cost. Your first step should be to talk to a reputable professional who can explain how it will work within your home and give you a better idea of the price for your particular situation. Once you find a professional, then there will be a couple of common factors that might affect the cost to install a humidifier.

Humidifier Type

There are tabletop humidifiers that you simply need to plug in. This will work well for one room, much like a space heater works for only a small space. Central humidifiers, however, are wired to your heating and air conditioning unit, as well as to your plumbing. The cost to install a humidifier that is attached to these large components will be more expensive.
There are three different types of humidifiers: drum, flow-through and spray-mist. There are all pretty comparable in price, but have their own ranges. Spray-mist models tend to the be the most affordable, with drum systems in the mid-range and flow-through being on the higher end. Again, these numbers are all pretty close, though, so the cost to install a humidifier should be comparable across the kinds.

Humidifier Model

The type of humidifier you choose will definitely affect the cost to install a humidifier. A non-steam central humidifier will be pretty affordable. The more high-end the model, the more the cost to install a humidifier will be from that point. Some have adjustable humidistat or settings that will kick it off in the summer.

Steam Humidifier

Steam humidifiers are connected to your home's ductwork. The cost to install a humidifier when it is connected to ductwork will be more expensive, and it will also be more expensive to run as they are typically electric heat. This means that it will affect your energy bills.

Humidity Gauge

You want to ensure that you're not pumping too much moisture into your home. One way to protect against this is to invest in a humidity gauge which can tell you the percentage of moisture in your air. This will increase the cost to install a humidifier, but will prevent from having to fix any moisture-related damage in the future.
Overall, the cost to install a humidifier will depend on what kind of system you choose, as well as the size and model you pick. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals, in all concentrations you might need, before making any decisions. Central humidifiers require plumbing, electrical and HVAC knowledge, so keep that in mind when talking to professionals.


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