How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Home Inspector?

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Home inspections normally happen as you are selling your home. A trained home inspector will visit the home and check items such as the roof, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, etc. looking for anything that is in need of repair or that don't meet safety guidelines. Generally, a home inspector determines the condition of a structure and does not determine the value of your property.

Home inspection fees

"How much do you charge?" is normally the first question asked of a home inspector when you should be asking about qualifications, experience and how they get most of their business! The size and age of homes vary which means that some homes can be inspected in 2 to 3 hours while older, larger homes can take 4 or more hours. Some inspection reports might take an hour or two to complete, while others might take 4 hours or more. Inspectors quote inspection fees using different criteria or methods. Some charge a flat rate, others charge by the square foot of living area. Some charge by square foot of area under the roof, some charge by the price of the house and others charge by the amount of time spent. The average rate for home inspection is around $200-$500 based on where you live. Some inspectors can charge up to $800 or more.

Home inspection fees - extras

Some consider detached garages as part of the main house and do not charge for them while others consider detached garages as outbuildings and charge extra for them. Also be aware that if you have other items such as a swimming pool or septic system, you may be charged extra for inspection of those items. Some might charge for mileage to the home. TIP: Most home inspectors will charge a "base price" - but then as they ask questions like how large the home is, what year it was built, age of the home, etc., their "base price" gets much higher. Be aware the "real" price isn't the base price you'll be quoted right off the bat.


While you may pay a few hundred dollars for each home you have inspected (if you are a home buyer), keep in mind the amount of money you can save if you hire a good, qualified inspector that finds the big issues. For example, if your inspector determines the home needs a new roof, that's around $3,000 (or more!) that the inspector found for you, or termite damage, or foundation damage - the inspection just paid for itself. This will help the home buyer make educated choices and bargain with the seller appropriately. If you are selling your home, these are items that you can take care of before selling so that you might be able to increase your asking price or you won't have to worry about decreasing your asking price because of issues found.


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