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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Gutters & Downspouts?

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It's important to have functioning gutters attached to your home to ensure that you don't flood your yard, damage your foundation or roof, or have your gutters rip apart from your home. Any of these scenarios would end up being expensive to fix; the cost to repair gutters will look much more reasonable in comparison. First you want to find a reputable professional who can diagnose the problem and come up with a good course of action. Gutter professionals or handymen are accustomed to working on ladders and can usually navigate this kind of work pretty easily. Trying to do it yourself can be a risky endeavor due to the height and nature of the job. Once you find a good pro, here are some of the factors that will affect gutter repair costs.

Amount of Damage

If your gutters need to have more than two or three places replaced or repaired, then it's probably best to just replace all of your roof gutters. This would increase the cost to repair gutters, but would guarantee that new issues wouldn't pop up in different areas in the near future. If only a few spots need attention, then the gutter repair costs should remain pretty low.

Home Height

The height of your home will affect the cost to repair gutters. Single-story houses are the most affordable for gutter jobs, and multi-storied homes are on the higher end of the spectrum for gutter repair costs. Anything more than two stories might be charged differently than the lower stories due to the complexity of the job. A higher ladder would be needed and special equipment might need to be used - not to mention the increased risk for the professional - for taller homes.

Nature of Damage

The cost to repair gutters will largely be determined by the extent of the damage. If it's a simple fix that won't take a professional much time, like a simple patch, then gutter repair costs will be lower. If the pro needs to remove parts of your existing gutter and put in new gutters, then the cost to repair gutters will be higher. Overall, the cost to repair gutters will depend on how bad the damage is, the number of spots that are damaged and the height of your gutters. A reputable professional should have no problem quickly fixing gutter problems, however, which should help to keep gutter repair costs down. Make sure to talk to at least three professional to ensure that they have experience with gutter repair - especially if you decide to go with a handyman.


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emmitt gremillion More than 1 year ago
Ok. I called one.  I will call two more.  I just need repairs done before the ice comes.
Clara Gamboa-Rankin More than 1 year ago
It is helpful to be aware of the average price for repairing the gutter. This help you to negotiate the price. Or make a decision to replace the entire gutter/
robert nunberg More than 1 year ago
Got a call for repair man within 2 minutes. He scheduled to see the gutters the following day. Hopefully he is reasonable and does good work!

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