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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Drain Line Breakage?

Repair a Drain Line Breakage Costs
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Your home's plumbing and sewer system has most likely been a part of your house from the time it was built. So unless you live in a brand new home, your sewer and drain pipes could be very old. For older homes this means that there is a good chance of a drain or sewer line issue at some point. How expensive the repair will be depends on a number of factors. Here are a few things to consider that may influence the cost of repairing a drain line breakage

Where is the break or leak?

If the break or leak in your drain line is outside your home, it is most likely far below the ground and will require excavation of the surrounding property to fix. This adds considerable cost to your repair. How expensive it will be ill depend on a few things such as how deep you will need to dig to get to the line, if you will need to break through pavement or concrete to do so, and how much rebuilding or planting of your surrounding property will have to be done when the repair is complete

What is the cause of the break or leak?

A break in your drain line can be cause by roots growing into it, animals caught inside of it, or a serious clog that has backed up so severely it breaks the pipe. Every cause for the break in your drain line requires different repair procedures and different preventative measures for the future.

How much damage is there to your home and property?

If the break in your drain line has caused leaking and water damage to your home or foundation, or pooling of water or sewage on your property, these repairs will add to the overall cost of the repair. The best preventative measure you can take is to keep your eyes open for leaks, water damage, or pooling water in your yard. The sooner you catch any kind of line break, the less damage there is to repair.

Will the city pay?

If your damage is to your water or sewer main you are only responsible for any breakage up to a certain point where the line joins the city's main lines. Once you determine where the break in the line occurs you may find that the city is actually responsible for the repair. However, if the break has caused any damage to your personal property, it is very difficult to get the city to pay for one again, the sooner you spot the damage and look into getting it fixed, the better!


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Raymond Williams More than 1 year ago
We have a sewage line blockage, and it needs to be (snaked) once or twice a day to temporarily keep the flow of raw sewage through to the main sewer in the street. This issue has been persistent since we moved here 41/2 years ago. We need to know where the problem starts in regard to our property line ends and the city's main starts, and we need someone with a camera to help in the assessment with a cost analysis to do the job. Also we in the proses of dealing with this issue in the past have been unable to locate the sewage vent at the curb.

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